Free Yourself: An Emotional Detox with Tiffany Pierson

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Free Yourself: An Emotional Detox with Tiffany Pierson

In yoga, it is said that the hips are known as the emotional junk drawer. When you don’t know how to deal with feelings of anxiety, grief, stress or other negative emotions, the hips are where these feelings are stored. Physically the hips are the largest joints in the body, support most of our body weight and are the stabilizers for the body to feel grounded. By doing hip opening asanas you can release physical and emotional stressors. In this workshop with Tiffany, she will take you through a vinyasa flow with a focus of releasing tension and opening the complex hip structure. She will help you bring awareness to the breath so that you can soften and surrender to the hip opening poses. We will end the workshop with a guided meditation focusing on releasing of unneeded stressors.

Investment: $25 Members - $30 Non Members .

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