Foundations of American Leadership: "Nixon and Kennedy - Friends and Adversaries"

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Foundations of American Leadership: "Nixon and Kennedy - Friends and Adversaries"

Nixon and Kennedy - Friends and Adversaries Dick Nixon and Jack Kennedy were the preeminent national political figures of the mid 20th Century. The age of Nixon and Kennedy stretched from 1946-1974. Their early lives were a contrast. Nixon’s is best described as hardscrabble, Kennedy was “to the manor born.” Both were highly intelligent and well educated. Both as members of  “the greatest generation” served as junior naval officers in World War II. Each came to the U.S. House of Representatives in the class of 1946. Each served in the U.S. Senate, one served as Vice President and both rose to the office of President of the United States. In the 17 years they  worked and competed together they were both friends and adversaries. We will closely examine the relationship of these gifted men destined to be national and world leaders.

Their policies were not all that dissimilar but their personas and styles were vastly different and in that striking contrast are interesting stories to be told. Both men’s political time ended suddenly, Kennedy’s by his tragic assassination and Nixon’s by the denouement of impeachment and resignation. But who they were and what they accomplished still affects us today. Register online or contact Brenda Vinton at or (724) 450-1541. Please bring a friend. Registration deadline is June 3 at 2 p.m. The cost of lunch is $25. Richard G. Jewell ’67 is the President Emeritus of Grove City College. He became the school’s 8th president in the fall of 2003 after a successful career in law and business. Before coming to Grove City, Jewell was Pittsburgh director of Navigant Consulting, the nation’s largest forensic account firm.
From 1986 to 1991, he was executive vice president of the University of Pittsburgh Trust. In that capacity, all of the university’s applied research companies and labs reported to him. He reported to the university’s chancellor and served on the senior staff management committee. Jewell served as Commissioner of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board from 2015-2019. He currently serves as Director of Strategic Marketing for the Berkeley Research Group, a national consulting firm. He is a guest lecturer in the doctoral program for higher education at the University of Pittsburgh. Jewell is a graduate of Grove City College and the University of Michigan Law School.

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