Focus On Studio Open Hours - December 2017

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Focus On Studio Open Hours - December 2017

Please share the event and everyone will have more fun. This is the longest running (and still occurring) networking event for photographers in the Indianapolis area, over 5 years. ****New policy to try and get more model participation. MODELS If you are modeling at the event there is no cover charge for you. You can still tip the bouncer if you wish. PHOTOGRAPHERS Photographers cover is $15. If a photographer brings a model along, their cover is $10. If a photographer rented the studio or attended a Focus On class in the previous 30 days, their cover is a whopping $0. Open Hours is simply a networking and photo shooting event. You do not need to be any skill level to attend I promise. You can network, watch and participate in photo shoots if you like. As a photographer you do not need to know anything about studio lighting, there are people there that will help you.

We were all there at some point and we all know it. As a model you do not need to know anything, just have an interest and take direction. Have fun with it. You can bring a few outfits if you like and meet other models as well. All photographers are required to send at least 4 images from each photo shoot to the appropriate model within 2 weeks of the event. ---------- This event is for ANYONE that is interested in photography, modeling or the industry. It is hosted at Focus On Studio in Carmel. You do no need any prior knowledge or skill to attend. You are not required to be involved in any photoshoot. Some first timers like to sit back, watch and mingle and that is ok. Feel free to invite others to come with you or share the event with your friends. All photoshoots at the event are done for fun or to just get experience.

You can feel free to contact other attendees prior to the event to work on a special project during the event but that is totally optional. An adults Only period starts at 9PM. We ask that all minors be out of the studio by that time. They should be getting to bed anyway. There is a cover charge that covers the use of the space, equipment and some snacks are provided during the event. Photographers will be $15. People Modeling at the event are Free MUA that practice during the event will be free Everyone else is $5. If you have rented the studio, had a scheduled tour, attended a class, or were the model for a private shoot within 30 days prior then you can attend at no charge. If you haven't visited the studio yet, this is a great chance. Photographers can bring a camera - lighting, sets and props are provided.

You can bring additional lights and props if you like. Please limit each shoot to 30 minutes and rotate sets. There will be 8 shooting spaces. Give everybody a chance. Models can bring outfits, changing areas are provided. A makeup station is provided for any MUA wanting to attend. If you would like a tour of the studio please contact me to setup an appointment. These events get busy and it is hard to give a tour at that time.

If a model/Makeup Artist/Hair person would like to collaborate with me (a photographer) please let me know. I’m always looking to put some cool things in place beforehand. I can provide examples of previous work at your request. Shoot me a message if you want to get things rolling.
Children can come correct? Do they need to be ready before they get there or is there a place to get them ready when we get there?
I’ll be staying in a hotel during that time so I won’t be able to make it.

Sorry everyone.
would any photographers that are attending like to set something up with me ? :)
If your ever able to do anything on a weekend, please let me know to model aslong as not working?? Let me know... ??
No I will be in another state

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