First Degree/Shoden Reiki Training: 'Self-Reiki for Self-Care.' Sedona, Arizona. November 7 & 8, 2019

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First Degree/Shoden Reiki Training:

'Care for the Caregivers' ...  and for anyone interested in learning this Japanese                                         Healing Art/Method for relaxation, stress and pain relief,                                                                                    self-care, self-healing, and self-empowerment.  This class is recommended if you: are interested in learning reiki for the first-time took Reiki Training in the past, but have gotten away from your praictice are interested in learning a 'Keep it Simple' Reiki System, as taught by INAMOTO Hyakuten Sensei,                a Buddhist monk from Kyoto and Founder of Komyo ReikiDo™  Thorough, supportive Reiki Training offered in beautiful Sedona Arizona.

15 CE Units for Nurses, (approved for) Case Managers and Social Workers. This program has been pre-approved by the Commission for Case Manager Certification to provide continuing education credit to Certified Case Managers (CCMs) and by the Collaborative of NASW and the Boston College and Simmons Schools of Social Work. This Reiki Training is for those wanting to learn a 'Keep It Simple' Reiki System. Shoden Level focuses on'self-reiki for self-care,' along with offering reiki to family, friends, pets and plants. When we take care of ourselves, we have more to offer to those we love.                                        Komyo ReikiDo™ Motto - Place Hands, Surrender and Smile.  Class includes: Manual, instructions, interactive discussion, training, meditation, 4 Reiju (Attunements), and hands-on practice, healthy beverages and snacks.
(An additonal manual also available in Spanish for an extra fee). SCHEDULE and COURSE FEES: 2-Day Worksh November 7 & 8  (15 Hours for the Initial Shoden training. Reiki practice opportunites Nov. 7 through November 13. Note: Additonal Self Study and Supervised Practicum Required for Certificate of Completion.' $10.00 each additional practicum. $222.00 for the 15-Hour First Degree/Shoden Workshop. (Fee Discounted for Seniors, Veterans, Native Americans and those 'in Treatment' for Cancer). Additonal: $10.00 per Reiki Share Practicum.                                                         Contact Us for Details and to Register.                                                 ~ A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step. — Lao Tzu  Additional Opportunities: Daily hiking, meditation and reiki practice offered.
(Group hiking based on level of fitness and skill of attendees). Enjoy (Optional) Spa Wellness Treatments, Guided Hiking, and Native American Flute Concert and Reiki Shares (Additional Cost). What You Will Learn - The verifiable history of Usui Reiki Ryoho. Potentional benefits, uses, case studies and research articles will be presented along with learning Japanese Reiki Techniques; Reiki Ryoho (Japanese healing method/art), for self and others, Mawahsi (circle), Hatsurei ho (meditation) and Reiki Kyogi /Gokai (Principles/ Precepts). No Refunds. (Unless in the Unlikely Event the Course is Cancelled then refunds will be offered minus a $35.00 processing fee. If for any reason you are unable to attend, you will be allowed to take a similar future class within one year of this class for a nominal fee).
Contact us with questions - or phone: 978-283-4258. Supportive, thorough training and ongoing mentoring. Offering both evidence-based scientific and spiritual practice steeped in Japanese culture and traditions. This style and presentation of Reiki Ryoho has been accepted by mainstream, academic hospitals in Boston and surrounding areas. With two decades of experience employeed to offer reiki, lecture, teach and conduct reiki research in hospitals, healthcare and community settings since 1999, including North Shore Medical Center, Mass General Hospital, and Tufts Medical Center Cancer Centers.  ** Additional Training.  *Additional training and practice is recommended for offering reiki 'publicly' and in clinical settings. We are offering All Levels of Reiki Training during this week in Sedona (for those previously certified in Komyo Reiki that wish to 're-sit' and/or continue their training and practice).
Additional Reiki Training (all levels) is also availabe at a later date for those wanting to continue beyond Frist Degree/Shoden. Contact Us for Details. NEW - Inamoto Sensei, Founder of Komyo ReikiDo™ will be in Sedona for the 1st Time, April 24 - 27, 2020. His Komyo ReikiDo™ workshop features: 'Intro to Reiki and Reiki Share (April 24, 2020) OPEN to ALL. $30.00 (Discounted $25.00 for Seniors, Veterans, Native Americans, and those in treatment for cancer).  4-Day Shinpiden (Teacher) Training for Reiki Master Teachers of all Lineages (*with face-to-face training Contact Us for Details and to Register. Unique opportunity to meet and train with Hyakuten Sensei, Buddhist monk from Japan .

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