Fire Ground Leader Academy "Coos County" Company Officer Development

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Fire Ground Leader Academy "Coos County" Company Officer Development

This is a 4 day class that starts April 27th-28th and continues May 18th-19th.  All 4 days are required attendance.   "Fire Ground Leader" means a Fire Service Professional who is qualified to lead emergency scene operations." While the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) is ultimately responsible for making the determination of company officer qualifications for their organization, the DPSST Fire Ground Leader Task Force has identified essential course work and JPR’s that would provide an Engine Company Officer with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to manage the initial aspects of an emergency response. As a result, any components of this certification was only included in this state standard if it had a direct correlation to this vision. Additionally, it was also determined by the Fire Ground Leader Task Force that the Fire Ground Leader certification should be consistent with NFPA Fire Officer training standards (NFPA 1021).

Therefore, all components of this certification are components of NFPA Fire Officer I (NFPA 1021). Building Construction This duty involves “building construction with emphasis on how buildings fail when subjected to fire. Evaluating roof and wall construction to predict failure points and adapt fire-fighting strategies accordingly.” Emergency Service Delivery This duty involves “fireground tactics and strategy, responses and size-up, protection of exposures, containment, extinguishment, the command post, combined operations, analysis and post-mortem evaluation, pre-fire surveys and planning.” Fire Behavior This duty involves the individual to understand and be able to anticipate extreme fire behavior phenomena such as flashover, backdraft, and smoke explosion.
By completing this section, the individual will be able to explain common scientific principles and factors of fire behavior (building configurations, fuel profiles, ventilation profiles, fire development, physical characteristics & smoke dynamics), and their relationship to safe and efficient fire ground operations. Fire Ground Safety This duty involves “integrating health and safety plans, policies, and procedures into daily activities as well as the emergency scene, including the donning of appropriate levels of personal protective equipment to ensure a work environment that is in accordance with health and safety plans for all assigned members. Water Supply Operations This duty involves “pre-planning operations, water supply requirements, source options, delivery systems and options, and hydraulic calculations.”.

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