Field Seminar: Winter Ecology of the Mono Basin

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Hwy 395 & Third St
Lee Vining
Mono Lake Committee
Mono (CA1182)
Tel 2018-01-13
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Field Seminar: Winter Ecology of the Mono Basin

Winter in the Mono Basin is silent, majestic, and filled with subnivean mysteries. Despite the illusion of stillness, there is a lot going on under the snow, in the forests, and in the air. In this seminar we will investigate the connections plants and animals have with their winter environments in addition to what factors cause winter in the first place. Winter ecology reveals a new side of animal and plant life that is invisible until you seek it out. In the field we will discuss the different “personalities” of snow, why winter is longer and harsher at higher elevations, what adaptations plants and animals have evolved to survive cold snowy winters, and how humans have adapted to cope with winter. We will also look for bird and mammal tracks and burrows in the snow, and hopefully find some of the critters themselves to see their adaptations in action.

This will be an active seminar in potentially freezing temperatures where participants will need to have enough stamina to snowshoe or walk up to 3 miles. $125 per person / $110 for members .

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