Federal Air Marshal Tactical Pistol Course (FAM TPC)

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Federal Air Marshal Tactical Pistol Course (FAM TPC)

This defensive pistol course will challenge any student and take their shooting skills to a substantially higher level. We base the course of fire around the FAM TPC qualification course. Defensive shooters that successfully complete the course are widely regarded to be in the top one-percent of pistol shooters.  The TPC course requires speed, accuracy, and proficient gun-handling at close range. The course is run from concealment wearing civilian clothes. The scenarios facing Air Marshalls are similar to what the legally armed civilian might encounter during an assault (or active shooter) in a crowded public place. Smooth speed is required and errant rounds are the responsibility of the citizen firing them.  The course is run at 7 yards from the targets. This a timed and scored course of accuracy.

There are seven stages. First, we will run the TPC course with all students cold. This is how the official course is run. We will note the student’s score. We will then take the class through a series of shooting drills that will build the skills necessary to increase the student’s odds of passing the TPC course. We will then take the students through TPC course again and measure scores against the cold scores. Every student will receive individual coaching and critique. The entire class will receive “homework” drills in order to take their skills to a higher level.  $200 8 Students max per class Prerequisite: Defensive Carry 1or equal. Handgun Course Equipment ( rentals available) A desire to learn A safe and serviceable handgun (pistol or revolvers).  THIS CLASS IS RUN FROM CONCEALMENT  ANSI eye protection, and digital ear protection.
(Digital ear protection is REQUIRED to ensure all direction and commands are heard and understood) A quality holster, belt, and 2 magazine carriers mounted on a belt.  3 to 5 magazines or speed loaders. NOTE:  We encourage the use of your daily carry. If yours is low capacity (8 or fewer rounds), 5-8 mags are a GREAT idea so you are not missing out while constantly reloading. We have great prices on mags so you can stock up. Contact us in advance of class. Holsters should be outside the waistband until the student has demonstrated proficiency in the draw to carry inside the waistband. Appendix Carry is not permitted in Defensive Carry 1. Ask permission to carry appendix prior to registering for another class. 300 rounds of FMJ ammo minimum is required per class.
No steel cases or hand loads. No incendiary or tracers. Ammo will be inspected prior to class. A sidearm, quality holster, belt, and 2 magazine carriers mounted on a belt. A minimum of 3-speed loaders or magazines. Serpa Holsters are not permitted in class. No magnum calibers.Students are required to have ANSI eye protection, and ear protection. Digital ear protection is REQUIRED to ensure all direction and commands are heard and understood. Cleaning and clearing kit and Field repair parts are always helpful.Hat, neck scarf, bug spray, rain gear, and bags to carry your gear. Clothing for seasonal weather during outdoor classes is required in order to stay comfortable. Tuition Deposit Policy We typically fill our classes and turn students away as the class date nears.
Be sure you can attend the class date for which you sign up. Should you become unable to attend a class, you can use your deposit for another class offered within one year of the original class date provided you give at least 72-hour notice to us. We will subtract any upfront costs we incur such as class materials from the deposit. Cancellations shorter than 72 hours and no shows forfeit their deposit. Thank you..

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