Family Constellations with Kato Wittich

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11159 La Maida St
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Family Constellations with Kato Wittich

Is there something stuck in you and you don't know what it is? Family Constellations is a powerful group transformational modality that allows us to uncover the deep family systemic entanglements that keep us repeating patterns we no longer want or need. It is a way of tapping in to the "field", the vast and timeless source of information that connects us all and can be directly experienced when we are willing to open to the unknown and see what needs to be seen. This is a work of unconditional love, of perceiving all beings as part of a greater whole, without judgment or the need to repress or hide any aspects of the family system that have been seen as unacceptable. In acknowledging what is, we no longer need to resist, and all that vitality and energy becomes available for living the life we want.

In Constellations a client brings in a current issue that is blocking them from living fully, and the group assists to uncover what the past source might be. Often the places we feel blocked and cannot change are parts of our life where we are paying unconscious allegiance to a family pattern and repeating it in our lives without even knowing its origin. In Constellations we are not trying to change anything, or even to heal it, although amazing transformations do happen. We desire simply to acknowledge how things actually are, without resistance or judgment. The paradox is that in agreeing to things as they are, we open the door for new possibilities in the future. What to expect: Family Constellations is a group process that involves inviting information that is held in what founder Bert Hellinger calls the “knowing field" to be manifested, so that it is no longer hidden.

This is a mysterious and astonishing process that looks a little like psychodrama but is very different because the participants are not play acting, They are acting as conduits for feelings that are not their own, but are coming in to them from the family system that we are engaged with. Each workshop evening, several clients will have commissioned constellations for an issue that is bothering them. Constellations are appropriate for all issues: from relationships or career to illness or emotional blockages. Members of the group will be chosen to represent family members or elements of the issue. Representing is often deeply healing in itself, as it usually ends up connecting the representative with places in their own lives that are blocked and need flow. This is a direct experience of something completely outside of how we move through daily life, and even just witnessing the process can be life changing.

For more information on Family Constellations, or to contact Kato, use this link No Experience is necessary. You are welcome to come hold space as a witness or to participate as a representative or to commission a constellation of your own. Participants are not required to stay for the duration - you may come late or leave early, just do it quietly. Representing is free but the rent is paid by donations, which are gratefully accepted. If you are new to this work, please watch this video introduction before you come. RSVP’s through the event page appreciated but not necessary. 11159 La Maida St. North Hollywood, Ca. 91601/ 818.505.3552 .

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