Energy Alchemy Workshop in Pacifica: Move Your Energy, Change Your Life!

AtPrivate Residence in Pacifica, CA
CountySan Mateo (CA1197)
Private Residence in Pacifica, CA
San Mateo (CA1197)
Tel 2018-03-03
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Energy Alchemy Workshop in Pacifica: Move Your Energy, Change Your Life!

Energy Alchemy Workshop with Meg Beeler, Shamanic Guide During this 2-day Energy AlchemyTM workshop you'll explore experiential tools for releasing what does not serve you and filling yourself with the boundless energy that surrounds you. You'll be able to connect with the ocean near where we meet. You will come away with ways to find energetic solutions to whatever challenges you face. You'll be better able to stay open-hearted in the midst of crisis and chaos. March 3 and 4, 10 AM to 4 PM in Pacifica You will: Learn 5 ancient practices to cleanse your energy field, release dense energy, and let go of patterns that weigh you down. Incorporated from ancient Andean, Celtic, and Chinese wisdom, these tools are simple to learn and use daily. Work interactively and collaboratively with nature.

You’ll learn to align yourself internally with your centers of power, love, and vision, and with the trees and wind, sun, and the rhythms of the moon. Learn to shift your relationships and engagement with the world into calm presence and joyful awareness. Learn 3 tools for calming your nervous system and moving away from mental chatter. Learn multiple ways to establish a regular practice of taking care of your energy: cleaning your energy field, protecting it from debris, and filling with your natural radiance. Afterwards, you'll get to participate in three follow-up calls—once a month—for support, questions, practice, and asking questions about all of the tools we explore, and more. These are to inspire you and keeping the magic going. ��And you'll be invited to a private FaceBook group for immediate energy questions, issues, and group conversation.

Join us if you: Are tired of being wiped out by world events. Are ready to let go of old patterns and stories that weigh you down. Want greater skill and fluidity in managing your energy . Are looking for a deep connection with the web of life, and the natural joy that emerges. Want to restore your joy, vitality, and inner peace. Yearn to experience your loving, luminous nature as you open to the beauty around you. Are ready to calm and renew yourself with energy-moving practices. Join us. You will feel radiant and connected. You'll be rejuvenated and full of fresh energy. You will know how to anchor and maintain your harmony and balance. Still curious about Energy Alchemy? Check out Meg's latest book, Weave the Heart of the Universe Into Your Life: Aligning with Cosmic Energy. .

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