Embodied Life Retreat with Brenda Rasch

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557 Narrows Road
Well Being Retreat Center
Tazewell (VA3973)
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Embodied Life Retreat with Brenda Rasch

Brenda Rasch is a Physical Therapist with thirty plus years of practice specializing in working with autoimmune diseases and chronic pain, anxiety and stress disorders, orthopedics, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and industrial medicine. ​ Brenda was the first physical therapist in East Tennessee certified in the Feldenkrais Method ®, has been a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner since 2003 and a Healing Touch Certified Instructor since 2011. She completed the 3 year Embodied Life Mentorship Program with Russell Delman in California and has been teaching meditation over 10 years. Brenda's Embodied Life Retreat will include three primary aspects: ​ Embodied Meditation – to develop the capacity to sit quietly with whatever arises and bring openness and kindness to the thoughts, feelings and sensations that arise from moment to moment.

​ Feldenkrais Method ® movement lessons – movement education that teaches you to move with greater ease and efficiency so you can enjoy life more. It’s also one of the most effective stress reduction techniques around. Enjoy better posture, breathing and coordination as well as greater mental and physical flexibility. The lessons are fascinating and fun. ​ Guided Inquiry – includes a variety of awareness practices to bring warm-hearted attention to challenging mental/emotional states and grow neural patterns to “hard-wire” life giving states such as gratitude and wholeness. There will be time to enjoy the 160 acres of rural Tennessee land and the 2 1/2 miles of Powell River frontage. ​ If our weekend is warm there will be an option for canoeing or kayaking, in addition to hiking, birdwatching, and stargazing.
In early November, there should be a lot of color. ​ The Well Being Retreat Center offers a conducive environment for this event: quiet natural spaces, climate controlled main event room, and delicious healthy food.

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