Edible & Medicinal Mushrooms of California: Weekend Workshop

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Edible & Medicinal Mushrooms of California: Weekend Workshop

Edible & Medicinal Mushrooms of California: Weekend Workshop and Field Exploration Winter Session (Mendocino County) As the days shorten and the autumn rains (hopefully) begin to fall, the coastal California landscape literally comes to life with a myriad of mysterious fungal forms. It is estimated that some 3000+ mushroom species abound within our state borders, so it is not surprising that many feel a bit overwhelmed and intimidated when approaching the field of mycology (study of fungi). Join us as we make sense of this vast and cryptic realm while exploring the diverse array of edible/medicinal mushrooms found at their prime during winter on the Northern California coast. This interdisciplinary program will engage students on all levels through a combination of classroom lecture, field exploration, and hands-on activities.

Topics/activities include: mushroom ecology, mushroom identification (in the classroom and in the field), edible/medicinal uses, legal/ethical harvesting guidelines, safety issues/mushroom toxicolgy plus tips on how to avoid hazardous look-alike species, plant communites of the CA coast, tree/shrub identification, coverage of recent taxonomic/nomenclature changes, sampling of a variety of edible/medicinal mushrooms and preparations, medicine making exercises, mushroom cookery/preservation, and more. Date/Time: February 2-3 (2019). 10am-6pm. Class Fee: Pre-registration discount before January 3 deadline: $170 (includes materials fee). After January 3 deadline: $195 Detailed directions and other more specific class info (including carpool networking) will be emailed out to the registered/paid students by January 24.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this message will be sent to the email associated with your PayPal transaction (and for some people this may not be their primary email). No refunds will be issued after January 4. Location: Blue Wind School of Botanical Studies. Ukiah, CA. The class will take place on a stunning 80 acre oak woodland property located approximately 8 miles SW of Ukiah, CA (2 hours north of SF/Berkeley). Overnight camping is optional (at no extra cost). Instructor: Tellur Fenner Registration: Email (preferred): bluewindbmc@gmail.com Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bluewindschool/ Scope out our photo/video feed on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bluewindschool/ Phone: 510-290-6841 To Bring: On-site camping is optional for this class. If you plan to camp things that are necessary are: Tent, Sleeping Bag, Food/Snacks (class fee does not include meals), Camping Chair, Camping Pad, Flashlight.

Other gear you'll need for our field studies: Rain Gear, Warm Clothes, Hiking Boots, Hat, Daypack, Water Bottles, Paper Grocery Bags/Collecting Basket, Knife, Trowel/Hori-Hori, Mushroom Cleaning Brush. Optional (yet recommended): Notebook, Camera, Hand Lens. *Interested, but don’t have a car? Inquire about carpooling options. Frequently asked questions: -How long/demanding will the field portion of the class be? Typically no more than 2-4 moderate miles...with LOTS of stops to ID/discuss mushrooms/plants. -Can I bring my dog? Sorry, no pets (for a litany of reasons). -Is it OK to bring my child? My 16-hour adult-level workshops are in no way suitable for younger children. Trust me: they would be bored to tears. -I'm not a fan of winter-time camping...are there nearby off-site accommodations near Ukiah? Oh yes...plenty.

Airbnbs and motels abound and some students do choose to go this route. -Will the class be canceled in the event of bad weather? Typically, no. And as is mentioned in the description: "Class will occur RAIN OR SHINE. "Only EXTREME weather with torrential rain, wind, and possible flooding will likely lead to a cancelation. I'll keep the participants well informed with current weather conditions in the lead up to the class. -When should I expect to receive directions, carpool info, and other more specific class details? As is CLEARLY stated in the above class description: "Detailed directions and other more specific class info (including carpool networking) will be emailed out to the registered/paid students by January 24. IMPORTANT NOTE: this message will be sent to the email associated with your PayPal transaction (and for some people this may not be their primary email)."

Have you ever heard that California bay nuts (actually seeds) contain caffeine or "caffeine-like" alkaloids? And did you actually believe that crap? :) If so, then you are a PRIME candidate for one of the many herbal de-mythification courses offered at the Blue Wind School of Botanical Studies.

This is a re-posting of a seasonal/fall harvest write up that I've been publicly sharing since 2009 (or so). Hope you enjoy. -Tellur Fenner Well it is time yet again for my seasonal California bay/Oregon myrtle debunking post. The fur always seems to fly a bit around this particular piece (due to the fact that many folks tend to tightly cling--white knuckle style--to their misconceptions about edible/medicinal plants). After teaching literally thousands of students throughout California (and beyond) over the years...I've heard many a peculiar idea/claim about both edible and medicinal plants. One claim I hear CONSISTENTLY (especially around the SF Bay Area) is that California bay (Umbellularia californica) "nuts" (actually seeds) contain caffeine (or "caffeine-like" alkaloids). I remember the first time I heard the claim I was a little dubious...but then it just slipped my mind and I failed to investigate further. Only after hearing this bizarre tale about a dozen or more times (once even in the pages of a respected "peer reviewed" native CA plant journal) did I make it a priority to look into the matter more seriously. The reasons I was doubtful about the claim are...

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