Dungeons and Dragons Bar Crawl: A Game of Dragons

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Dungeons and Dragons Bar Crawl: A Game of Dragons

The Great Game of Dragons is a competition between adventurers from across the planes - a once in a lifetime opportunity for glory and renown.  Winners are said to receive untold riches and splendors. As for the losers, they never return. A Game of Dragons is the third Atlanta Dungeons and Dragons Bar Crawl presented by ATL D&D - we'll have 120 players, six bars, and one huge, sprawling, day-long dungeon adventure. Players will visit six bars while playing a continuous game of Dungeons and Dragons (5th edition). You move from bar to bar as you travel through the dungeon and participate in a shared, interconnected story with every other player at the crawl. Participating Bars: Georgia Beer Garden Joystick Gamebar Noni's Bar and Deli Bone Lick Barbeque Edgewood Speakeasy Edgewood Corner Tavern TICKET INFORMATION Early registration costs $15 plus an Eventbrite service fee ($17.89 total).

After March 31st tickets will be $22.85. You must provide contact information (name, email, and phone number) for each ticket-holder. We will contact you regarding table assignments and character creation prior to the crawl. If you have a preferred Dungeon Master or DM team please select them when you purchase your ticket - otherwise select "no preference". If you would like to be seated with other players you may register as a group. GROUP INFORMATION You can sign up for the bar crawl as a full adventuring party of up to five players. To join as a group select "Group" when you go to purchase your tickets. For more information visit the Eventbrite group support page. You can create your group before tickets go on sale and share a group invitation with other players.
When ticket sales begin you can choose to have one assigned person purchase tickets for the group or you may purchase tickets individually. Note that if you buy tickets individually there is a chance that tickets will sell out before every player has an opportunity to purchase one. Also note that any person that buys tickets for other players will need the full name, email address, and phone number for each other player. PLAYER INFORMATION You will be contacted by your assigned Dungeon Master prior to the Crawl and put in touch with your assigned team. You must respond to your Dungeon Master by or before April 13 or your ticket will be refunded. Players must bring an eighth-level D&D Adventurer's League legal character to the Crawl. More information regarding character creation will be provided prior to the Crawl.
Your assigned DM will assist you with character creation if needed. More details about the Crawl, including the bars where you will start and end, will be sent via email to all ticket holders prior to the Crawl. Please contact your assigned Dungeon Master with any questions or concerns. CONTACT US For updates on the Crawl please join our email list and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Contact us on social media or email us at info@atldnd.com with any questions. See you at the Crawl, Adventurers.

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