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Dr. Angela Stent

“Putin's World: Russia Against the West and with the Rest” Vladimir Putin’s bold, yet disciplined, power-politics moves have gained Russia Crimea and influence in Eastern Ukraine; enhanced military bases in Syria and have saved the Assad regime; gained links to Turkey; deepened ties to Iran; asserted a role in the Western Hemisphere via Venezuela; expanded links with China; is reestablishing influence in former Soviet Union in Central Asia; and is attempting to increase its national resources leverage in Western Europe. Some disparage these successes as being out of step with the rules-based international order or merely tactical in their nature. However, the vitality of Russia under Putin is unmistakable. The extent and seriousness of its challenges is a critical question of our time.

Therefore, we are very fortunate to be joined by the notable student of Russia and its international relations, the recent author of “Putin's World: Russia Against the West and with the Rest.” Professor Stent received her BA in economics and modern history from Cambridge University, her MS degree with distinction in international relations from the London School of Economics, and MA in Soviet studies and Ph.D. degree from Harvard University’s Government Department. Her four books have been on the political economy of West German-Soviet relations; the events leading to the end of communism in Eastern Europe, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the emergence of modern Russia, and the reunification of East and West Germany; the difficulty of establishing a productive relationship with post-Soviet Russia; and now, Putin’s view of Russia’s place in the world, his quickness in exploiting opportunities, and advice on how the West should deal with Russia going forward.
Befitting an acknowledged leader in her field, she has served on respected professional Boards, published numerous articles in major publications, shared her knowledge in print and electronic media, and has been honored by significant professional awards. She is in full control of her subject; and we can look forward to a valuable evening. It is an honor and great pleasure to welcome Dr. Angela Stent to the Council. Reservations are required. Members may attend free of charge and membership is open to the public. Non-member admission is $25.00 and the guest fee is $10.00.   Membership, event information, and reservations may be obtained by phone (410-727-2150), fax (410-727-2174), by email (programs@bcfausa.org), via the Council website, www.bcfausa.org, or by post to The Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs, World Trade Center Baltimore, 401 E.
Pratt Street, Suite 1611, Baltimore, MD 21202.

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