Diamond Crystalline Grid Prayer/Meditation

Addresse3375 South Dahlia St Denver, CO 80222 (Map)
AtFirst Spiritual Science Church - 3375 S. Dahlia Street Denver, 303-756-3226
CountyDelaware (NY2963)
3375 South Dahlia St Denver, CO 80222 (Map)
First Spiritual Science Church - 3375 S. Dahlia Street Denver, 303-756-3226
Delaware (NY2963)
Tel 2017-10-27
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Diamond Crystalline Grid Prayer/Meditation

Brenda Hardwick and Susanah Magdalena are so excited to bring forth this powerful energy. Each participant will be led through the influx of prayerful intent into the Grid Matrix of Gaia’s Diamond Crystalline Presence. At this time, we will collectively begin to build the energy by expanding the Grid Matrix of Gaia within each of us by connecting with the Presence of the Earth Mother. As we expand through exploration of this viable frequency, we will then send this out through the power of meditation to all things great and small here on our earth. And, then sending this out into the cosmos… Each person will be enhanced with a Diamond Crystalline Grid Numeric Coding. This is to enhance the potential we all hold as co-creators. Knowing we are Creators of Our World and Beyond ~ begins now in this very moment.

The Wisdom of the Seraphim will be brought in for this Understanding Wisdom to take place in the Moment. Through this the Majesty of the “Creator God” energy is made manifest in our Reality of time/space. We look forward to seeing all who are called to join us in this time of expansion of consciousness. If time allows, we will be offering brief messages and insight as well. $10.00 per person requested. *We meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Journeys for Conscious Living in Arvada and the last Friday of each month at the First Spiritual Science Church in S. Denver. Please see our other meetups: Vibrations of Manifestations - https://www.meetup.com/vibrationsofmanifestation/ Mysteries of The Magdalene - https://www.meetup.com/Mysteries-of-The-Magdalene/ The Light of Nature - https://www.meetup.com/The-Light-Of-Nature-Meetup/ .

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