Denver City National History Day Regional Contest

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Denver City National History Day Regional Contest

This is the official eventbrite page for the National History Day 2019 Denver City Regional contest. Students and teachers can use this page to pay the registration fees for the contest. There is a $10 fee due from each student, as well as a registration document that must be filled out online here: You can find more resources for NHD at the regional website Some important things to keep in mind: The dates for the contest: Registration opens: Feb 4th Registration closes: March 13th Websites lock: March 18th at midnight Papers due: March 18th at midnight in pdf format sent to Contest day: March 30th Registration must be payed for each student. If there is a group of five students, then all five students must still pay registration fees.  No exhibits will be able to set up late.

Please plan to arrive early for set up and take into account city traffic.  Paying the registration fee here is not the complete process to register. Each student must fill out the google registration form in order to have a time slot at the competition. This can be found here: Papers that are choosing to send a PDF to the regional to have it printed by us must also pay a printing fee: $10.77 (includes tax)  Teachers that are planning to pay for registration for whole classrooms, please email a list of the students you are paying for. Include each student's full name and project title.  If you are making an online payment, there is a fee for using credit/debit cards. The total will amount to $12.24 for registration, and 13.06 for the optional printing fee.
If you are planning on using a check, send that check to: Campus Box 182 P.O Box 173364 Denver, Colorado 80217-3364 Make the check payable to the University of Colorado Denver. Lastly, we want to make sure that every student is able to participate within the National Contest, if for whatever reason a student is unable to afford the registration fee please contact us so we can make sure the student can participate. We firmly believe that money should never get in the way of a student's success.  .

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