D&D 5e Holiday Adventure – The Darkest Night

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The Island Games
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D&D 5e Holiday Adventure – The Darkest Night

D&D 5e Holiday Adventure – The Darkest Night Special One Shot Event From 1pm - 6pm 7 players max (We will add additional DM's based on the number of preregistered players) (Preregister link: https://www.meetup.com/Island-Games-Gaming-Group/events/244503756/ Players will use pregenerated characters to choose from or may use their own lvl 1 character as long as it is Adventurers League approved. Far to the north, the thriving mining town of Iceville survives long, cold and dark winters. When the nights are longest, the people of Iceville light up the darkness with candles, song and the exchange of gifts during Kringlefest. The celebration is named after the mysterious Kringle, who long ago brought light to Iceville, after the dark days. But Kringle is most loved, for giving every child in town a gift during Kringlefest, that he made in his magical workshop.

It is believed by many, that Kringle travels into town on a red sleigh full with presents, drawn by eight flying reindeer. Kringle silently enters each house without ever being seen by children, or their parents. In exchange for the gifts, the children leave treats for Kringle, which are always gone when they awaken to find their gift. Kringle is actually a benevolent gnome, named Nicholas Kris Klaas Kringle, who has made it his life’s work to bring light to the people of Iceville. For nearly 500 winters, this ancient gnome has spent each year creating gifts in his workshop with his helpers. Kringle’s workshop is said to be full of clockwork wonders and magical treasures, but it’s exact location is a secret. Over the years, Kringle put on lots of extra padding, thanks to the treats, and he is no longer the young hero who saved Iceville nearly five centuries ago.

This year, an ancient enemy has finally gained back his strength and decided it is time for the darkness to return. Krampus, a monstrous evil, has a much different plan for this year’s Kringlefest. Krampus has enchanted Kringle and his helpers and is forcing them to build an army of toys. This year, Krampus will finally return Iceville to the darkness that existed before his defeat to Kringle centuries ago.

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