Craig & Ben Werth

Addresse4 Paul St
AtRed & Shorty's House
CountyPope (AR1124)
4 Paul St
Red & Shorty's House
Pope (AR1124)
Tel 2017-11-04
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Craig & Ben Werth

SInce Facebook decied to 'eat' the last event notification. We had such a fantastic time with Craig & Ben that we refused to let them leave until they agreed to another date with us: $20 - email for info. Online reservations available here. WORD ON THE STREET: "Craig is not merely an above-average musician. He is an exceptional one. I heard him first on a compilation CD that I purchased for the 'other artists', quite frankly. When I put it in my player, it was his song, 'Sycamore' that made me stop and pay attention and it put me on a 2-year quest to get him down to Florida. His CD of guitar instrumentals, Sideview, shows off his prowess as a guitarist. His first CD of vocals, Loose Gems, shows that he can write lyrics as well as anyone in the business - and his voice is rich and full of that New England quality that has made the career of a number of others." - Craig Huegel, Our Kind of Folk Coffeehouse Series and Folk DJ - Tampa, Florida "In recent years Craig Werth has been applying his considerable talents as a multi-instrumentalist to accompany Juno award-winning songwriter David Francey, but his naturally modest demeanour in that role belies the fact that he is a truly gifted songwriter in his own right.

As an inspired musician and a perceptive and emotive writer, it is when he applies his musical prowess to his own songs that the depth of his artistry is revealed." - Jim Payne, Newfoundland performing artist/writer/producer "Speaking of gems, 'Loose Gems' by Craig Werth, 'Quarter Moon' by Cheryl Wheeler, 'Stars' by Janis Ian, and 'Are You As Excited About Me As I Am' by Jeff Daniels are beautiful, meaningful, meticulously crafted songs I can listen to over and over again and never get tired of." - Christine Lavin from her memoir, "Cold Pizza for Breakfast" "In concert, Werth shines as a natural story-teller, humorous and poignant, with a keen eye for all our foibles and passions. His instrumental accompaniment is as brilliant as his songwriting. He is a true performer, a captivating player and singer, not to be missed." - David Francey .

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