Conscious Speed Dating: a Tantric Journey - Sedona

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Sedona, AZ, United States
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Conscious Speed Dating: a Tantric Journey - Sedona

Our last event sold out.... Soul'd Out - Conscious Speed Dating: a Tantric Journey - Oakland/Berkeley We are now coming to the Sedona to expand love, check out the reviews below, you're sure to leave with a deeper connection to your soul and possibly more <3 * We actively don't have the guestlist public as we want everyone coming with an open heart & a clear mind <3 We invite you into a new paradigm of relating. Allowing yourself to step into unknown spaces. Being intimate while also having fun. This will have you laughing, exploring and also create pockets of vulnerability that will open your heart. We could all use a more conscious way to connect, relate and be vulnerable, communicate our desires and share. This will help you being present time focused in relating, from the ground up.

Sure, it might be a little out of the comfort zone. But we make the awkward fun. A life under control gets boring, we create a safe space to grow, expanding the comfort zone <3 Allowing the soul's magic to mingle, connect and play. An amazing opportunity to meet other energetically conscious and open-hearted beings. Come laugh and explore. This most likely isn't like any other dating experience you've had. <3 ☆ EVENT DESCRIPTION: Conscious Speed Dating: A Tantric Journey is an intimate, fun take on the classic speed dating. This is an experience you won't wanna miss as it will shift perception of how we relate as well as give skills that will help relationships flourish. This is an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded, open-hearted people and create deep fulfilling connections.

We will have participants facing each other and guide you through beautiful, fun, and intimate connection excercises, once complete we will rotate to their next 'date experience'. We will have participants rotate. The excercises will involve creating an inner circle facing outwards and an outter circle facing inwards. Each circle will pair up with someone of the opposite side and they will be guided through a connection excercise, then we will rotate you to your next 'dating experience.' This will continue until everyone has had a chance to experience each other. The excercises are both fun, intimate and create a beautiful energetic platform to feel what someone feels like beyond the traditional chit chat of 'where are you from?' and 'what do you do?' Come step into a new paradigm of relating.

With a focus on building deep energetic connections through Tantric exercises designed to connect with people at a soul level. We will guide you through stripping away the ego and allow the soul's magic to mingle, connect and play. Let's bypass the small talk and mind games, connecting through the heart center, feeling the energy of the person in front of you before all the words and stories start to create a veil, and when you do talk, we will talk about things that really matter. Our intention is to connect energetically conscious beings with one another to powerfully bring together couples who will support and amplify each other's soul purpose on this planet. To fulfill on our individual and collective purposes, passions and longing for peace, balance and love in our lifetime.

We've created this journey using tantric practices of feeling the energetics at a subtle level as well as using the 5 senses to connect with people who see us for what we are beyond the job titles and superficial veil we create in the typical dating experience. All in a beautiful safe container where your essences are gently brought to the surface and celebrated. Come with a clear mind, playful attitude and the willingness to open your heart ☆ We are looking forward to dive deep into this experience with you. Lots of magic & juicy love from us, Sprout Love & Yani Yogi ☆ WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: "The tantric playshop was simply wonderful. It didn't feel like speed dating at all as the creative, playful, heartfelt, authentic practices we were invited to participate in with one another were so rich and nurturing.

To connect with strangers on such a true heart level is a gift like no other. I forgot all about the idea of this being a dating event and was carried away by each and every spirited connection. Yani and Sprout are wonderful facilitators who created a safe, welcoming and fun event that I highly recommend. " "Thank you. That was such a fun, intimate, and enlightening evening" "I found myself attracted to people I normally wouldn't have opened up to, it was so interesting how you guided us through different experiences" "Thanks so much for creating the space and sharing your much appreciated gifts. " "Thanks for a playful, explorative and touching evening. So thankful" ☆ PRACTICAL DETAILS - Who: The intention for this evening is to meet others and to connect further after the workshop, in whatever way it will unfold - friends, lovers, cuddlers - we will be matching you up :) We strive for a balanced amount of female and male participants. - Limited spots available, with a balanced amount of female and male participants, so reserve your spot before we sell out. - This event doesn’t involve nudity or explicitness - At the start of the event we will create guidelines and boundaries so that everyone will feel safe and supported in moving as far as they choose. Everyone has freedom and it's not required to do anything you don't want to do and we will create a social context in which there will be no pressure so everyone gets to choose their level of participation. - This is a scent free event, please be mindful of wearing neutral washed clothes and no perfume - as someone can be sensitive to it ☆ Energy Exchange: $25 Early Bird $30 Regular $35 at the door 10% discount on 2 events 20% discount on 3 events We offer 2 volunteer tickets of $15, with help before or after the event. And we will offer 3 low income tickets at $20. They will go like hotcakes, so make sure to reach out, and if you do make money, feel into the fact that others might not be able to afford and need low income more then you. Thanks <3 Please share as well, so we will have a beautiful group <3 It's taken a lot of our own exploration, going through workshops, apprenticeships and trainings for us to hold space, life hasn't always been easy yet we are purely reflecting love into our experience, we would love to have you join us. And to boot we need to eat and sleep :-P Limited spots available, with a balanced amount of female and male participants, so reserve your spot before we sell out. We might work with a reserve list. Cancellation fee of 50% if you cancel 24 hours before the event and no refund on the day of the event. ☆ What to bring - A pillow or blanket to sit on. We have some available as well - Water bottle - Come as your juicy self and wear something what makes you feel good and you feel comfortable in ☆ FAQ WHAT IS TANTRA? The word tantra is roughly translated as "tan" expanded and 'tra' liberation. Some translate this as 'weaving' which is more understood as oneness. Bringing a completeness of self and consciousness to what you do. The exercises we will do are designed to bring you into presence with yourself, your heart and the person you are connecting with. WHAT IS A PUJA A Puja (Sanskrit) means honor, reverence or an offering. It is an ancient ritual designed to open our hearts and allow us to see the inner beauty within ourselves and others. AGE RANGE This journey isn't so much about age as it is about love. Love in its essence doesn't tend to age. Love exists and we expand from there. That being said, the everage age we've been getting in the past is mid 30's. We've had people in late 50's and early 20's. Again this is a love ceremony where we expand in love. Age is a struggle we all deal with, I challenge that perception in the name of love. And you're free to do with this information as you choose <3 WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE Participants form two circles facing each other. Outside circle facing inwards and inside circle facing outwards. We then guid the pairs to share a meaninful exchange with each other through an excercise. This can last for a short time upto a few minutes. When finished we will give thanks to partner and rotate to the next person. WHAT ARE EXPERIENCES LIKE? Doing some basic excercises based on building connection: breathing, meditation, sharing vulnerably, being present, interactive games, etc. You're always free to go as deep as you choose. WHAT IF I DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE AT ANY POINT? We create a safe container at the beginning of the event and go over some clear distinctions about boundaries, consent and accountability and hold space for each individual to be able to take care of themselves and step out during any exercise. IS THIS JUST A DATING EVENT? At the end you get to choose who you enjoyed connecting with and if there is a match we will connect you after the event. The intention for this evening is to meet others and to connect further after the workshop, in whatever way it will unfold - friends, lovers, cuddlers :) WHAT TO WEAR? Be yourself and know that there will be movement, so making sure not to be too constrictive is best. Dressing in what makes you feel good helps you be authentically in your skin. WHAT IS THE GENDER BALANCE So for most of these events we strive for equal balance of men and women. If we have a slight imbalance, we will flow with that with ease and grace :) <3 We are opening up the idea of a queer friendly version which will be more fluid but it'll be set in the title. ♥ About us ♥ We are Sprout Love and Yani // Yaniverse - Yani Yogi. We met in India and sparked a creative expression of yin/yang, a duality that came from non-duality; coming from our true nature of self, we play in the fields of polarity, allowing freedom to unfold. Traveling around the world, sharing an expansion of love & magic. Now in Canada and the States for a couple of months, journeying in our Tantric Schoolbus with our workshops at different towns and festivals. Find more about us and our workshops on and our FB Intimacy Unleashed. ♥ Loving words about us ♥ "Both sprout and Yani have a particular blend of amazingness. I have traveled and worked with them for quite a while and the mix they have will allow space for incredible transformation. I trust these two with my deepest intimacy." "Sprout and Yani What can I say....deeply inspiring creatures I would say :D its simply beautiful to see how balanced your relationship with each other is and how beautiful u are dancing together and create your own reality. I really enjoyed the day workshop in goa with u guys and would anytime again beeing part of what u create...there is a lot to learn from u ❤ hope to see u soon again beautiful people" "Simply Amazing. The energy and love that flows from Sprout and Yani is contagious. Very highly recommended. " "So amazing. You are putting so much work and love into the world. Thank you." .

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