Coming Together to Fight Against Ultra-right Assaults

Addresse747 Polk St
CitySan Francisco
AtNew Valencia Hall
CountySan Francisco (CA1194)
747 Polk St
San Francisco
New Valencia Hall
San Francisco (CA1194)
Tel 2017-12-08
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Coming Together to Fight Against Ultra-right Assaults

The ultra-right has had its sights on the Bay Area and we need a community-wide, community-led organization to stop them. Communities Against Racism and Fascism (CARF) is committed to building a democratic, direct-action united front to counter the ultra-right. All those targeted by violent bigotry have a stake in this fight. Let’s come together and build large, bold, forceful, loud, yet disciplined and orderly protests that directly confront the white supremacists. Jews, immigrants, unionists and unorganized workers, women, people of color, socialists, Muslims, LGBTQ+, and all those being scapegoated: come together and fight back with a strong, unified voice of resistance. The far right wing, emboldened by the Trump presidency, is stirring and staging public events in search of recruits.

They are especially targeting the Bay Area, a renowned stronghold of diversity and home of the free speech movement. Incidences of bigotry targeting Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Immigrants, and LGBTQ+ have increased throughout our region this year. Vicious misogynist and "western chauvinist" Milo Yiannopoulos, an agitator formerly with right-wing Breitbart News, has twice riled up protests at the University of California at Berkeley this year. Far-right group Patriot Prayer and their associates threatened to appear in Berkeley and San Francisco in August, but were forced to cancel due to an outpouring of outraged resistance. But the bigots seem intent on returning. We cannot allow the ultra-right to win the free speech war, whose epicenter is Berkeley. These bigots argue that our protests are a violation of their free speech rights.

Not so. We have the right to exercise our free speech to protest, out-shout, out-organize and outnumber the ultra-right. The Department of Homeland Security has classified Antifa as ‘domestic terrorists.’ This is a state-run witch-hunt, based on gross mischaracterization of our movement and intended to fracture our anti-fascist opposition and silence us. We have the right to defend ourselves and our movements from fascist violence. We have to assert that right in large, organized counter-protests where we confront the ultra-bigots when and where they appear. It is time to drive the white supremacists back under their rocks. All who strive to defend and enhance civil rights and civil liberties are welcome to help build a united front against the fascists.

Join Communities Against Racism & Fascism (CARF for our next community meeting. Friday, December 8th, 7:00pm New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk St., San Francisco, CA (at Ellis Street, near Civic Center BART, Muni lines 19, 31, 38, 47, 49) Wheelchair accessible For info: 415-864-1278 •

Curious about what “Antifa” means? Or, been on the frontlines “Free Speeching” against white supremacy, fascism, the rightwing patriotic zenaphobes?Individuals and groups need to come together against the rise of anti-Muslim, immigrants, LGBTQ, the poor and the radical left. Everyone is welcome and to join in on discussion ✌️

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