Co-create a Retreat at Clear Air Mountain House

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Co-create a Retreat at Clear Air Mountain House

Actual dates are flexible in 2017 or 2018. We are lesbians with non-visible disabilities, and more ideas than we can accomplish by ourselves, reaching out to see who’d like to produce, co-create, assist in, or attend a retreat or gathering. Would you like to produce your own retreat or gathering (or co-produce one), but need a space to do so? Would you like to co-create affordable super-comfy retreats in the woods, combining nature with luxurious lodging, with flexibility about the size of your group (whether 4 or 24 or anywhere in between), and where you don’t have to pay for more space than you need? Or, would you like to gather a group of friends and split the cost (or stay for free yourself if you organize a group to enjoy the space)? Or, would you like to help out at someone else's retreat and stay for free? We’re currently booking for 2017 & 2018 retreats and gatherings at Clear Air Mountain House ~ a fragrance-free, smoke-free, lesbian-owned retreat, near the Yuba River, Pacific Crest Trail, waterfalls, Sierra Hot Springs, and over 40 lakes.

This is in Sierra City, on Sacred Mound Road (yep, that’s the actual name of the road). Photos at and and more about the community at Thanks to Revital, we now have videos of the suites and back yard: Backyard videotour: Rainbow Suite video-tour: River Suite video-tour: Please feel free to share this with others who might like to offer or co-create a retreat. This is, delightfully, a fragrance-free space, made for those who have trouble going to the regular vacation spots that use harsh chemicals. That means you'll have to ensure that nothing you bring with you (and nothing your guests bring) has allergens, scents, or fragrances (we provide fragrance-free toiletries, lotions, etc.

to make that easier). This is a crucial accessibility issue and one of the many things that make this retreat space wonderful. You and your guests can enjoy the comfy beds (some of which are European Sleepworks Natural Beds), chef’s kitchen, comfy baths, beautiful indoor and outdoor gathering areas. Walk among the wildflowers to waterfalls, lakes, and rivers. Relax in hammocks under the trees, breathing in the beauty of the Sierras. Swim in a chlorine-free swim-spa / warm aquatherapy pool (or refreshing lakes and rivers, or soak at Sierra Hot Springs). Concerts can also be offered (with music by you, by us, or both). Some possible topics we’d especially like to host here (but others welcome as well). Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Women's Recording Retreat Harmony and Healing Healthy Living Retreat, Healing through nature Artivists’ retreat or Arts & Activism retreat Renewal and Resistance Self-healing for activists Solidarity in the Sierras Queer Fest Women’s Music Fest Songwriting retreat or other Writing retreats Music gatherings Hiking/Swimming/Nature retreats Qi Gong, Yoga, or Meditation retreats Compassionate Communication Perseids Meteor Shower retreat (esp.

Aug 11-14) AIP retreat (we have lots of recipes to share too) Functional Medicine for Healing retreat (could combine w/AIP) Live-looping retreat (I can offer the programming if another organizes it). Massage, Dancing, Tango, Wellness, Sound Healing, etc. Retreats Swing-dancing in the Sierras Queer Tango in the Mountains or other possibilities too 2-night minimum, except July 4th weekend and Labor Day weekends are 3-night minimum. For some of these (especially those with music or healing through nature or AIP or live-looping) we’re happy to co-produce and offer some of the programming (if you’d like – optional – or you can make it all your own). We're happy to offer the lodging, and, if desired, any of the following: Live music by OutMusic Awardee Irina Rivkin, either concert or jam (with or without a live-looping or group-improv workshop) Excursions to lakes, rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, hiking trails, and more.

Optional healthy-cooking workshops (with a focus on gluten-free and auto-immune-paleo recipes). For more info about offering or co-producing a retreat, or gathering a group of friends to enjoy Clear Air Mountain House, please email If you’re not ready to offer your own retreat but would like to co-create or assist on one, or would like to be on the email list to find out about retreats when they're scheduled, or just enjoy your own suite for a vacation stay or personal retreat, please also feel free to contact us. If you'd like to attend one of the above retreats, please email and let us know which topics and dates most interest you. Thanks

Why we're seeking co-creators: We are lesbians with disabilities, and more ideas than we can accomplish by ourselves, reaching out to see who’d like to produce, co-produce, assist in, or attend a retreat or gathering this summer.

We’re seeking collaborators to co-create fragrance-free gatherings at Clear Air Mountain House, a fragrance-free, smoke-free, queer-friendly, multicultural retreat, near the Yuba River, Pacific Crest Trail, waterfalls, Sierra Hot Springs, and over 40 lakes. Music, meditation, nature, writing, hiking, swimming, wellness, or another theme (see a list on the event description with more ideas), or just gather a group of friends? The actual dates are flexible, ideally this summer (but other times may be possible). Sierra Buttes Lakes Basin Recreation Area, Sierra City on Sacred Mound Road.
I would love to explore this with you. I offer a Women's Self-Compassion group in Berkeley and have been considering two other ideas around the same theme: a weekend retreat format and a Queer Women's Self Compassion group. Here's what I have going on in June and July:
Check out videos of the Rainbow Suite, Rivers Suite, and backyard (thanks to Revital)... Backyard videotour: Rainbow Suite video-tour: River Suite video-tour:
Thanks to Revital Katznelson, we have some recent video-tours here:...

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