Clarity’s December Art Show~ Tree of Life: The Wooded Way

Addresse55 Main St
AtCamden Public Library - Camden, Maine
CountyPreble (OH3080)
55 Main St
Camden Public Library - Camden, Maine
Preble (OH3080)
Tel 2017-12-12
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Clarity’s December Art Show~ Tree of Life: The Wooded Way

Our sincere effort to realize a new way to convey the depth of our world, so that the negative forces are made no longer able to convey their destructive intent into our future, is what the making of this show has been about. This work is so unschooled that it is original to itself. Join us on Tuesday the 12th, from 6-8pm. There are 60 new artworks by Clarity in this 2017 Show. Enjoy the artwork, food, and performance by Andrea Goodman, renowned intuitive singer who will sing “The Tree of Life”, Tom Albury, singer songwriter will sing “Citizen of Avalon”, and children from Riley School will represent the Fey, and we will do a performance piece as well. Please come throughout the month of December and be with these meditative pieces.

I have a huge conflict that evening with my closest friend/soul sister/housemates's birthday.

She needs the love, as we all do. I have nohow that evening will play out, but you know I will be there if at all possible. It would be a great delight. I love you both very much. <3

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