Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge - Class 2018-12-15 - Saturday PM - Boy Scouts of America

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Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge - Class 2018-12-15 - Saturday PM - Boy Scouts of America

It is a Scoutmaster Bucky policy to limit Scouts to one Eagle-required merit badge per Scoutmaster Bucky event / weekend.  Please understand that this is due to many factors, including but not limited to, Eagle badges usually have a higher level of complexity in order to prepare for the requirements completion, there is a high demand for Eagle required badges and we want everyone to have a chance to sign up for at least one when more than one is offered, and the Scoutmaster Bucky program is about providing opportunitities, NOT about taking away the signifigance or minimizing the integrity required to complete each and every merit badge; especially Eagle required ones.  Scoutmaster Bucky reserves the right to cancel individuals' registrations that do not adhere to the "one Eagle-required merit badge per weekend" policy.

Check out for more class information and links. It is YOUR responsibility to do the preparation work.  Remember the Boy Scout motto is "Be Prepared" and for Scoutmaster Bucky events that is not a request, that is an expectation. One requirement that is often neglected is the reading of the merit badge pamphlet (which contains most of the answers).  Scouts MUST read the merit badge pamphlet AND bring the pamphlet with them to the class.  It is suggested that Scouts consider using a workbook in conjunction with the Scoutmaster Bucky Class Preparation Page for this merit badge.  These have been put together to aid you in successfully making the most out of this merit badge opportunity.  Utilizing these resources will make a significant impact on the timeliness, ease, and effort required to complete this merit badge.  Failure to prepare properly and/or failure to utilize these resources will result in a lower effectiveness and completion rate at the class.  In cases where there is no workbook or Class Preparation Page, Scouts should still review the requirements and prepare as best they can for the class.

Please go to for any additional questions or clarifications.  Class Preparation Pages as well as Scoutmaster Bucky Workbooks (if available) can also be found here. Class ending time is approximate and may vary slightly based on the dynamics of the Scouts and the counselor. Scoutmaster Bucky Refund Policy states that there will be no refunds anytime after one week prior to the class..

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