Christmas For Jax

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1365 Alabama Dr
Winter Park
Kraft Azalea Gardens
Grand (CO1240)
Tel 2017-12-17
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Christmas For Jax

This family has been involved in a tragic incident and I don’t want Autumn and Vince to have to worry about Christmas for their sweet 2 yr old son Jax. Myself and my friend whom is also an Orlando photographer would like to do photos for families in exchange for gifts for Jax. There is no fee. All that is required is that you bring a gift for Jax or gift card for the family. I know that we are all tight on money around the holidays but please do not sign up for this event if you are unable to provide something awesome for this little boy. Spaces will be limited and I want him to have the best christmas ever and for them to not have to worry about anything. He like trucks, trains and is obsessed with lightening McQueen. He also recently started getting into ninja turtles.

Also he wears size 2T. Gift cards are great as well if you are not a shopper. I can also provide my address to anyone who cannot attend but would like to drop something off or have a toy shipped to my home through amazon or wherever you shop. Times available will be listed below and first come basis. Please do not sign up for a time if you cannot commit to it. PLEASE COMMENT WITH THE TIME YOU WOULD LIKE AND I WILL UPDATE THE LIST AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. There will be two families per time slot. Myself and the other photographer will shoot at the same time. The other photographer is Lena with Photography by Lena Http:// https:// 9:00- Rosa Rivera Cigi Stone Nancy Poit 9:15-Christina Cole Sugeil Santiago Allison Arce 9:30-Windy Bakos Melinda Drake Kelly Garcia 9:45- Cristina Eplin Dawn Ferrante Melii Lopii 10:00- Lindsey Latham Carolina Mendoza Rachel Peacock 10:15- Autum Arundel Amanda Foster Paloma Ortiz Bathroom break 10:45- Melissa Pitt Nae Cruz Venita Jones 11:00- Olivia Janelle Morgan Wardlow Chabella Phillip 11:15- Christie Hasegewa Romonita Hernandez 11:30- Alexis Kates Allison Cepeda 11:45- Katie Rae Roxana Zaldana 12:00- Tara Ellin Jessica Ojeda Bathroom break 12:30- Marilyn Ripreps Karen Martinez 12:45- Jennifer Hall Natty Nat 1:00 - kacey cheeks Yvonne Torres-Adams 1:15 - Alisha Andriotis

Hey, just to let you guys know.

We will not be bringing christmas props. A few reason. 1) I need the space in my car for all these gifts after 2) Although it is christmas time, photos will not be back to you in time for christmas cards with it being only a week before christmas. 3) This is a very mini session so props will just take up more time that we don’t have for each family. These sessions are going to go by very quickly and we will need to stay on schedule. Please arrive no less than 15 Min prior to your time slot. It still may get a little behind due to transitions but we will be very strict on the 15min time and do our best to stay on track. With that being said,and I will do our best to get your little ones to smile if you have small children. The the perfect shot is not guaranteed in a such a short amount of time.

I hope you all understand this process. You are welcome to bring a prop with you like a Holiday sign or something else but please have it ready to go. You are welcome to dress in Holiday colors if you still want that Holiday feel. We look forward to seeing you all there and joining together for Autum, Vince and Jax.
THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL. We have more comments than spaces available so the last few spots we opened up will be filled in order of comments. You are more than welcome to come out and bring a gift or gift card for Jax and the family between 9am-1am. I will be inviting the family out to this event but This is a...

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