Chigung: Introduction to a Personal Practice with Marcello Windolph

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Chigung: Introduction to a Personal Practice with Marcello Windolph

Please join us and learn a little about the Chinese practice of Chigung from Marcello Windolph (bio below). Wear comfy clothes as you will be moving.  This is intended for individuals interested in self-care to improve their physical fitness, balance, and all around health.Space is limited so please reserve your place now. This 2-hour presentation is a great way to explore your interest in this ancient practice.  A full  3-day workshop will be offered the next time Marcello is in the USA,  November 1-3 in Duluth. Registration here: Description:Xing Shen Zhuang was created about 1200 years ago in the area of the western Chinese mountain Emei from daoist and non-daoist lineages.This set of exercises focuses on the spine and the ancient methods to release specific structures in postures enters profoundly into the fascia, the tissular connectivity of the entire being.

This way of working with the body offers a complete system for the skeletal, muscular and soft-tissue structure and some additional exercises enter deeply into shoulders, arms, legs, hips and the adjustment of the energy field surrounding the body.In this training we can experience a series of “openings” as the meridians open and the organs, joints and muscles are stimulated to come together in our perception, we build a reunited solid alive self. The body is thoroughly detoxified in a way that it works our perceptual potential. We can discover a new sensitivity working its wonders into the whole of the body. This activity and awareness unfolds a way to strength, flexibility, suppleness and lightness in the body as in the heart and mind.About the Instructor:MARCELLO WINDOLPH is a certified Perceptual Psycho-pedagoge and Fasciatherapist MDB based in Amsterdam.
Having trained first in Chinese traditional arts of healing and ‘developing perception’, his passion turned into profession over the years. Since 2010 he is a student of 19th generation grandmaster and linneage holder of the “Northern Dragongate School of Daoism”, Wang Liping. Marcello trained Xing Shen Zhuang under Wang Ting-Jun, himself a senior student of master Wang Liping.Marcello’s therapeutic approach is based in western scientific methods as a student of Prof. Dr. Danis Bois (founder of Fasciatherapie MDB and Perceptual Education) and he is currently assisting the Perceptual Education course at the University in Paris and the Fasciatherapy MDB course in Clermont-Ferrand.

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