Chicks: Intro to Backcountry Skiing Skills

AtOuray, CO, United States
CountyOuray (CO1261)
Ouray, CO, United States
Ouray (CO1261)
Tel 2018-02-19
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Chicks: Intro to Backcountry Skiing Skills

Join Chicks and the Silverton Avalanche School for our 1-day intro to backcountry skiing skills clinic focused on learning the ups and downs of backcountry skiing and splitboarding. This day out is designed for both newcomers to the backcountry and seasoned skiers and riders looking for a tune up on technique to make backcountry travel more efficient and enjoyable. We’ll focus more on the technical aspects of backcountry touring but also delve into terrain assessment and avalanche awareness. Our uphill focus will be on setting a good skin track, establishing a sustainable all-day pace, methods for efficient skinning and the subtleties of different kick turn techniques. We’ll seek out fresh tracks for the down but teach you how to ski typical backcountry crud that is variable and challenging.

Armed with these skills you’ll have more confidence than ever before and be a safer backcountry skier, less prone to injury. Red Mountain Pass provides an outstanding classroom for us to spend a full day out in the field in moderate terrain. Starting at 11,300 feet we step onto our boards close to tree line with both fair and foul weather options to choose from throughout the day. This is for Women only.

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