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Certified Sound Healing Therapist - Professional Education

This educational program is designed to certify the professional sound worker or sound healer. The longer certification program for the Professional Sound Healing Therapist prepares you to perform sound healing massage in individual (or groups) sessions as well as sound healing meditations (mostly in group settings) to safely and professionally bring wellness, balance, harmony and energy to your individual clients and group participants. In addition to these skills you as Sound Healing Therapist can safely accompany clients on their path to healing through sound by addressing specific issues. As certified sound therapist you will master the use of planetary singing bowls and the new sound healing system of planetary or universal harmonics to provide to clients in a sound massage session: • Balance and alignment • Stress reduction, tension release • Deep relaxation and time out • Vitalization, strengthening • Regeneration, empowerment • Wellness, harmonization You learn how to select the appropriate healing frequencies to accomplish the goal of the sound vibration massage, to bring back and stabilize a client who has unexpectedly begun a process during a wellness massage and to identify when a client would benefit from deeper therapeutic sound healing work you as sound therapist can offer as well.

As certified sound healing therapist you will also learn to: • Accompany clients on a healing way in a therapeutic setting • Activate specific self-healing processes • Identify root causes underlying client’s health issue • Discover the best possible healing path for a client to travel • Choose appropriate healing harmonics for the optimal healing process • Provide /perform complete sound healing treatments throughout the healing process of client • Identify possible contra indication factors • Finalize or “round up” a healing step • Keep accurate records to track and monitor the client’s progress Some health issues which have responded well to sound therapy: • Aches and pains • Instability, anxiety, fear • Stress, burn-out • Exhaustion, Fatigue • Insomnia and other sleep disorders • Aggression • Loss, grief, shock, trauma • Rheumatism, arthritis, RA, gout • Cancer The full program includes a total of 300+ hours.

The prerequisite introduction course level 1+2a is NOT included in this upgrade training and must be completed prior to registration (see Note below). Our Sound Healing Therapist professional education program focuses on hands-on experience and practical learning to guarantee that you have the best possible experience and preparation before becoming certified in the discipline. The Sound Healing Therapist Training is set up as a 3 core module program with home assignments and exercises in between stretching over a 5-1/2 months time period. It comprises a first 7 full day long core module #1 and a second 7 full day long workshop #2 which include meditation, hands-on practice and sessions, theory lessons, instructions and education literature. The training ends with a graduation weekend (2 full days) with a review, two oral and 2 practical exams, final instructions, summation and conclusion.

These 3 modules take place at Heaven of Sound's Academy near Sandpoint, ID. Coffee, tea and light snacks for morning and afternoon breaks are provided. In addition there are several series of supervised homework and exercises at your own place to be done between each core module and the final graduation plus recommended intra-student assignments which are guided and monitored. You will use and need your own special certified planetary singing bowl set of 15 singing bowls while participating in the education training and for your practical homework, the exercises and intra-student assignments. For details please see tab "Terms + Conditions, Payments, Discounts". Please note: For a registration to this upgrade professional education program the completion of a minimum 3-day Introductory Class Level 1+2a (Personal Class) is required.

You can sign up to one of these prerequisite Introduction Classes here. Alternatively you can register to the Complete Professional Education Program for a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner which includes this 3-day Introduction and which is especially suited for students travelling from further away.

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