Caravanserai at Mammoth Margarita Fest. w/Tony Lindsay

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Caravanserai at Mammoth Margarita Fest. w/Tony Lindsay

ABOUT THE FESTIVAL | OUR 6TH ANNUAL We are excited to celebrate our 6th season bringing Latin America's indigenous distilled spirits, fine margaritas, great music and food to Mammoth Lakes. During the summer months we have mild daytime temperatures and cool evenings perfect for enjoying the festival atmosphere. Why festival in the desert this summer when you can be cool at 8,000 feet. This year includes a new tasting on Friday night. Did you know there are over a hundred plants that can be distilled from the region that aren't tequila? Have you ever tried Mezcal, Sotol, Bacanora or Raicillia? If not, your in for an exotic tour on Friday night. Saturday will be our best yet Tequila Tasting featuring nothing but premium Tequila crafted from 100% Blue Weber Agave.

No mixtos. No hangovers. We will have 15-20 different distillery representatives on hand with between 40-75 vintages to sip and savor. As always we have great complimentary music with upcoming and established artists as well as multiple margarita bars, the Stilt Circus, Photoshack and an expanded food menu to enjoy. Bring your friends. Bring your fun. The Fiesta is in Mammoth. .

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