C.W. Stoneking Solo Performance

Addresse16278 Pacific Coast Hwy
CityHuntington Beach
AtDon the Beachcomber
CountyOrange (CA1186)
16278 Pacific Coast Hwy
Huntington Beach
Don the Beachcomber
Orange (CA1186)
Tel 2018-03-16
Categoria Events
C.W. Stoneking Solo Performance

C.W. Stoneking fell in love with the blues when he was in his teens. Born in Katherine, in Australia’s remote Northern Territory, CW was the son of an American school teacher with a passion for music. He vividly remembers being eleven years old and stumbling across Living With The Blues, an early blues compilation, in his father’s collection: “When I first heard it I thought it was kinda funny music”, he told a Dutch interviewer a few years ago, “because it was so deconstructed and not really adhering to any rules that I’d been told music [should] fit into. And the more I listened to it, I just liked it more and more.” “”I ain’t from the past so it couldn’t possibly be from there. It ain’t bits of old music sticky-taped together, it’s all been made up fresh.” — C.W.

Stoneking, interviewed in 2011. Soon his curiosity led him to Son House, Robert Johnson, Skip James and Bukka White, gospel blues, Chicago blues, ragtime, Hokum blues, with each sub-genre revealing more amazing music. It seemed like there was an endless universe of blues to explore, one that was much more interesting to Stoneking than the mundane world of late ’80s pop that was all around him at the time. Flash forward a few years and CW has taught himself the banjo and electric guitar, but his prized possession is a 1931 National Duolian dobro. This was same instrument that Blind Boy Fuller and other blues legends chose to play. “I liked it because it was loud,” Stoneking says, “When I first started playing old blues it wasn’t so easy to get a gig, and I spent a lot of time busking and things like that…I knew all the old blues guys who used to busk used them and it was for a good reason.” “I don’t use the word often, but Gon’ Boogaloo is a masterpiece.

— The Saturday Paper Although he’s a brilliant musician he enjoys the lighter side of performing as well. He has a larger-than-life stage presence, beginning with his dapper outfit: tropical whites, a bowtie and slicked-back hair.

I've never been to Don the Beachcomber before, always wanted to. I think this just got me there. Question though because the ticket scheme isn't clear: Is this set up like a normal venue where General Admission is standing room by the stage? Curious to know why table tickets would be so much more if you're just staring at people's backs all show. What's the layout like? Thanks in advance.
It’s been a minute

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