Breathwork Mini-Retreat with Jesse Gros

Addresse38 Washington Blvd
CityMarina Del Rey
AtYoga Nest Venice
CountyLos Angeles (CA1175)
38 Washington Blvd
Marina Del Rey
Yoga Nest Venice
Los Angeles (CA1175)
Tel 2017-10-13
Categoria Events
Breathwork Mini-Retreat with Jesse Gros

A New Breathwork Mini-Retreat with Jesse Gros Breath-into-Action Clear out confusion, anxiety, and stress. Get to the heart of the matter. Land squarely in your knowing. AND take action. Breathwork is a powerful practice for shifting your state. But what happens after you leave the class? **The intention for this new Mini-Retreat is to add action to the state change.I will be holding the space for you to not only have a powerful shift but to take that shift to the world.** At the end of the class, I will be asking you to commit to taking one tiny little step in the direction of your awareness within that next 24 hours. Or if you are feeling really courageous, you can take --a big step. -- In this class, we will be taking your practice off the mat. With Love and Deep Respect, Jesse Friday October 13, 2017 8-10pm at Yoga Nest Venice $65

Why "Breath-into-action?" (The Science Nerd Explanation) The Challenge: Because we are drowning in information on how to change our lives, but starving for the motivation to follow through on what we know.

We are paralyzed by our own inner Woody Allen; that nagging, defeatist, always-on voice in our heads. "You’re too fat. Too skinny. Too smart to be working this job. Too scared to do anything about it." The Solution: The breath changes your body chemistry and creates a nonordinary state of consciousness. In these states, we’re no longer trapped by our neurotic selves because the prefrontal cortex, the part of our brain that generates that self, is temporarily offline. Without Woody directing our inner monologue, we can experience the truth of who we are. Our next steps become clear and unhindered. *BEFORE our inner critic starts to come back online, we have a narrow window to take action. We have to move while the gates of possibility are still open.

IN REVIEW: Woody + knowing = no action No Woody + knowing + immediacy = action Action = Joy, Radiance, Deep fulfillment, A castle on the hill, and all you can eat ice cream. Sign up: *Quotes from "Stealing Fire."
Top 3 reasons your Ego does NOT want you to come to the Breathwork Mini Retreat Friday night: 1. Your Ego never wants to do your Soul's work. 2. Your Ego is a liar and hates to be exposed. 3. Your Ego is a cheap ass when it comes to you changing...

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