Breastsleeping: Perspectives on Maternal-Child Sleep

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4005 Kipling St
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Wheat Ridge Recreation Center
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Breastsleeping: Perspectives on Maternal-Child Sleep

La ​Leche ​League ​of ​Colorado/Wyoming's ​2017 ​Breastfeeding ​Conference ​entitled ​Breastsleeping: ​Perspectives ​on ​Maternal-Child ​Sleep, ​featuring ​Dr. ​James ​McKenna, ​Ph.D. ​of ​the ​Mother-Baby ​Behavioral ​Sleep ​Laboratory ​at ​the ​University ​of ​Notre ​Dame. ​ Professor ​James ​McKenna, ​an ​anthropologist, ​specializes ​in ​infant ​sleep ​issues. ​He ​is ​the ​director ​of ​the ​Mother-Baby ​Behavioral ​Sleep ​Laboratory ​at ​Notre ​Dame ​University ​in ​Indiana, ​US. ​He ​has ​coined ​the ​term ​'breastsleeping', ​and ​focuses ​on ​safe ​sleep ​practices ​while ​breastfeeding ​and ​bed-sharing. ​His ​presentations ​will ​cover ​the ​history ​of ​maternal-infant ​sleep ​in ​western ​industrialized ​societies, ​biocultural ​origins ​of ​SIDS ​and ​colic, ​and ​an ​in-depth ​look ​at ​breastsleeping ​and ​the ​promotion ​of ​safe ​infant ​sleep.

​A ​detailed ​syllabus ​is ​available ​on ​the ​'Agenda' ​page ​after ​you ​complete ​your ​profile. For questions or help registering, please call or text Michelle at (719) 301-9124 or email Early ​Bird ​Pricing ​is ​$180 ​and ​expires ​on ​Dec. ​7th. ​

Hi. Thank you for putting together this awesome event. Where can I find the tickets cost information and # of CERPs... stuff like that? I need it for work so I can take the day off to attend :) Also, is there a discount for LLL Leaders? thank you.
I'm so bummed, this sounds so interesting. My son has a follow up doctor appointment that day that we've had scheduled for two months now and is extremely hard to reschedule.

Wish I could attend as this is my life.
This conference is approved for 6.5 IBLCE L-CERPs. RD continuing education credits through the Colorado Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics are being applied for - we will post an update when we have it.
I can't come but he is awesome. Had him here 3 years ago. Never thought our dinner conversation would turn towards Frozen.
For questions or help registering, please call or textat (719) 301-9124 or email
Kristy Gill we should go to this pending weather on the pass on my end.
I’d love to attend but that is my son’s 10th birthday.
Can I bring my infant?

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