Breaking the Mold Clinic- Phase Two

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Harpersville, AL
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Breaking the Mold Clinic- Phase Two

The Breaking the Mold program over 11 years ago. Paul wanted to bring horsemanship back to the barrel racing sport by teaching riders about body control and by showing how a horse that is taught to use their body correctly will be easier to train, will be more consistent, and will have fewer issues than horses that do not have this knowledge. The Breaking the Mold program is not about a stronger bit or a stronger hand. It’s not about gimmicks and quick fixes. It’s about teaching your horse how to give to your hand and leg pressure, move shoulder, ribs and forward motion, all while staying collected. Once you’ve accomplished this, THEN you will take those movements to the barrel pattern. When your horse understands how to use their body correctly, it makes the training process so much easier.

In order to keep the horse collected and using their body, the rider must understand how to keep the horse going in the right direction, to become soft and consistent and collected. With Paul’s drills your horse never learns how to drop his shoulder, cheat the barrels, go by the barrel, or any other issues that will cost you time and troubles in a run. These drills were designed to teach the horse to use their body correctly and to never allow them to know any different than the correct way to work the pattern. This clinic is open all riding disciplines, all ages, beginner to advanced riders. You can apply what you learn to any stage in the barrel racing process, from young colts that have never seen the pattern to older horses with issues that you’d like to fix.
Sign up for the clinic today and get ready to get outside of the box and BREAK THE MOLD on barrel racing. Phase Two consists of more advanced straight line drills. Barrel drills 6-10 are about approaching each barrel and learning the three turning points of each barrel. This set of drills also works on distance and placement and works on correct body control. You will learn, with these drills, that it is not about turning the barrel but about moving around the barrel correctly. Phase Two is great for young horses in training and also your more seasoned barrel horses. $450.00 CLINIC FEE - NO AUDITORS

This list is going to have first shot at coming to this clinic since they attended Phase one with us.
Please let me know if you want your spot. Laci Bearden Gaines Weaver Sidney Tucker Kaylee Moore Leah McCartha Kristen Fuller Haley Howard Amy Hegeman Jessica Robin Reagan Hannah Heatherly Lacoln Thompson Amiee guinn Jill Johnson
Jill Johnson paid her deposit.

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