Bonfire for Lauren's return to Cape/Fire Cleansing Ritual

AddresseRoute 130
AtShawme-Crowell State Forest
CountyDekalb (IL1682)
Route 130
Shawme-Crowell State Forest
Dekalb (IL1682)
Tel 2017-10-13
Categoria Events
Bonfire for Lauren

I have a class Friday till 3:30 so I'll be heading to the park right after that. It's a campground so there are a lot of sites so I'm gonna put balloons up to show you where to go once you're inside the park. There's picnic tables and a fire pit. So perfect. So bring anything we can burn. (Non-toxic) BYOB, maybe some food/snacks to share. Something to sit on. Blankets/chairs. And if anyone has a portable speaker that would be dope. We are celebrating love, life, friendship, and the return home of a dear friend, Lauren. Also, I'd love to make this kind of a fire ritual cleansing ceremony. So bring something that represents something you'd like to release or let go of into the universe. Could be a stick, could be something you wrote, a who's it, what's it or dinglehopper anything really.

Also, I'm gonna open this up a bit and say that if you don't have anything you need to let go of then make it about something you want to release into the hands of the universe to come to you. Like something you really want and think about far too often. Like the phrase "It will happen when you least expect it" kinda thing. So let go of what it is you want that you're obsessing over. Because when you hold onto something, it can't play out in the universe. So let it go and let the universe take over. I think I'm gonna do both. Anyways, so I'm super excited to see everybody. If you need help finding the place let me know.

There are loads of people I don’t have on fb because of x reasons with my life.

Share if you want, but bys, I wouldn’t mind see yee.
The Newfie accent at its finest.

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