BIZaar Noir ~ Get hue some business!

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BIZaar Noir ~ Get hue some business!

A 'bizaar' is a large shopping area for selling miscellaneous goods. The Black Doll Affair's "BIZaar Noir" is a large shopping space for members of The Black Doll Affair to sell and showcase their entrepreneurial enterprises. At least twice a day, one of my Black Dolls in business will reach out and ask me to post their business services / products. Considering that there are so many Black Dolls in business for themselves, regrettably, I decline with, "If I do it for you, I should do it for everyone and I cannot, so I do not." Unless I want to turn The Black Doll Affair's social posts into a shoppers bazaaar, I find that I spend a lot of time declining the request to showcase you all. Unable to post-promote your businesses online, "BIZaar Noir" is my way of showcasing your businesses offline.

Whether you join us to showcase or shop, "BIZaar Noir" is a black market for us by us. Shop AND play. Enjoy arts, crafts and bhuety supplies. Checkout the services offered by those in our family - from massage to marketing, home selling to buying home goods, support your Doll family and take advantage of this opportunity to do MORE good. Dolls, come get you some business, Mama Doll-----------------------------------Notable Details: Member Admission: "Be a Doll, give a doll": Members to attend this Affair place your RSVP and pull your "Admission to Shop: free ticket. "Be a Doll by arriving in your your Black Doll Tshirt. "Give a doll" and bring a toy black doll or make a paper doll donation at the door. - Vending Tables are confirmed via Email at: and let us know that you would like to be a vendor.
Await our response that you're confirmed. Each vendor is responsible for their entire setup. Mandatory is one collapsible 6 foot long (maximum) table with a black linen (not plastic) table cloth. Vendor to supply their own signage and all other marketing materials. Products and services must be pre-approved - Tables are complimentary. However, the "Paper or Plastic" doll donation that we typically collect at the time of an Affair will be asked for in the form of "Paper" ($) at the time you take a table off the market. Suggested donation: $25 or more. - We will consider behavioral issues as we confirm spots. For instance, if you have one no-show after the next on record, we will more than likely opt out on taking a table off the market in your honor. As you have shown time after time that you will stand us up.
Or, you may be asked to donate more in advance. Non-Members Admission: $10 at the door. IT'S EASY TO JOIN THE BLACK DOLL AFFAIR, AS THERE ARE NO MEMBERSHIP FEES.... JUST BUY A BLACK DOLL TEE. Tees(shirts) at: Official Hashtag: #bizaarnoirSponsorship Packages Available email: Doll, come get you some business.

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