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This introductory, half day clinic will cover the Three Key Essentials to being a successful mountain biker and the TEN FUNDATMENTALS Skills that are key to overcoming obstacles in the trails.  We will provide Instructional skill discussion, demonstrations, group skills practice, followed by a group ride to practice these new skills on the trails. Everything you need to know to start riding the trails.  We will conclude with a lunch (provided) where we can answer any further questions. Three Key essentials to being a successful mountain biker Level Pedal 1 Finger on the Brakes Scanning the Trail Seven Body and Bike separation skills Then focus on 10 fundamentals that are key to overcoming obstacles in the trails. 1.Neutral position, Ready position & Ready state 2.Body and bike separation (forward back side to side) 3.

Pedal position 4. Eye movement 5. Braking 6. Steering 7. Speed 8. Gearing and cadence 9. Timing and coordination 10. Pressure control BICP level 2A will teach 4 different wheel lifts to cover come roots and rocks on the trail with easy and various speeds for different scenario. 5 skills to be successful on those punchy climbs and what to do when you don’t make it and how to keep it going when the going get tough . 10 skills for level 2A 1. Shifting 2. Ratcheting 3. Trackstand 4. Basic front wheel lifts 5. Basic rear wheel lift 6. Level lift 7. Pedal front wheel lift 8. Climbing dismount 9. Restarting on a climb 10. Climbing (3 ways) A. Seated B. Standing C. Crouched BICP LEVEL 2B will teach how to tackle those corners and Switchbacks that can be tricky to carry speed and momentum through.
And which Switchbacks come descends . Having the confidence knowing you’ll be able to dismount properly when the trail gets gnarlier then your last remembered or expected. And for those in for the long haul how to roll down lunge along the way down . 10 skills for level 2B 1.Shifting 2. Ratcheting 3. Trackstand 4. Riding straight lines (skinny’s) 5. Rock dodge 6. Small circles & Switchbacks 7. High speed cornering 8.Roll down lunge 9. Descending 10. descending dismount GET YOUR UNI MTB JERSEY TODAY. Where:  Alafia River State Park             14326 S. CR 39             Lithia, FL 33547 What to bring: A good working mountain bike (in your size)* Hydration system Snell or ANSI approved helmet (properly fitted) Stiff soled shoes Flat Pedals (IMBA recommends learning all skills with platform pedals so please take the clips off for the day) *AJ's has full suspension mountain bikes available for rent at our shop, please make arrangements for rentals in advance, it may be possible for us to bring the rental bike for you for the event with notice.
AJ's Bikes, LLC and Swamp Club host Monthly IMBA Level I mountain bike skills clinics as a fundraiser for The Friends of Alafia, Inc.  This clinic is taught by AJ's own certified Level 1 IMBA instructor Lucy Lemus and are hosted at Florida's Premier mountain bike park, Alafia River State Park located in Lithia, FL.  This clinic will cover all the basics to get you out enjoying your bike on the trails with confidence..

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