Beyond Content: Cultivating Presence In Learning Relationships

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Beyond Content: Cultivating Presence In Learning Relationships

Beyond Content: Cultivating Presence in Learning Relationships 3rd Annual Educators Professional Development Conference Port Jefferson, NY Conference Area(s) of Focus: Mindfulness, Restorative Practices, Narrative Practices, Creative Arts, and Movement Practice As an adult when you think back to your own meaningful relationships with teachers, it is often the teacher’s warmth and care that you remember over the content of what was taught in the classroom. Given that all learning and development occurs within relationships-- the practice and cultivation of compassionate and intentional care is paramount in developing these formative relationships with the whole child. The continued trend and focus in education on what to teach far too often undermines how and why we teach.

This trend gives primacy to content of curriculum over the creativity of learning and teaching. This trend puts educators at risk for forgetting the true curriculum is the living and breathing experience between teacher and student. This professional development conference for educators aims to support and bring forth the importance and the power of cultivating presence within pedagogical relationships. These workshops are intended to support the remembering of human relationships within education over the focus on content heavy curriculum that permeates education today. The workshops include evidence-based and age old practices from the fields of humane education, narrative medicine, nursing, drama therapy, creative arts, social work, and mind-body medicine.

The workshops will provide educators with a deepening of reflective and intstructional practices through the use of mindfulness, creative arts, and narrative practices that can be shared in any classroom. In addition the workshops will bring focus on effective and easy to integrate classroom and district wide restorative practices to repair ruptured social relationships. Finally, great emphaisis will be placed on developing emotional balance for personal and professional self-care as methods to strengthen attunement within the teacher-student relationships. Conference Format: This years conference will be limited to 80 participants. The conference will feature four core Project Presence staff led workshops. Conference participants will have the opportunity to attend each of the four core workshops and one additional learning opportunity.

Lunch will be provided by Project Presence and will feature an educational workshop led by Project Presence staff. The conference begins with the option to attend morning yoga or a morning meditation facilitated by Project Presence staff. Workshops will be hosted by: Joshua Hendrickson, LCSW, PhD (c), Jennifer Kelly, CHC of Feeding Your Life, Siobhan Cassidy, LMSW, RYT, and others Who Should Attend: K-12 educators, social workers, school psychologists, guidance counselors, school nurses, parents of school aged children, or anyone in pedagogical relations with children. Former participants responses to this event: "This was the best workshop I ever attended in my fifteen years working as an educator. The workshop offered strategies and specific skills instruction that will greatly assist my professional and personal practices".

"Very valuable training. Working with Project Presence has allowed me to look at my own actions, behaviors, and beliefs, and reflect on how they have an impact on how I relate to others. The SEL practices are being incorporated into my school. I am seeing students practice meditation strategies on a daily basis.” Conference Updates and Full Workshop Descriptions Coming Shortly Group rates available by request.

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