Beer on the Wall Bottle Share #26

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Beer on the Wall Bottle Share #26

PAYMENT UPDATE: a new policy is now in place for the tasting event to ensure that there is incentive to show up and drink some beers. Your $5 will be fully refunded upon your arrival at Beer on the Wall for the share. We look forward to seeing you. Due to popular demand, Beer on the Wall will be organizing a monthly bottle share. Bring a commercially packaged (sorry, no homebrews) limited/seasonal/out-of-market beer with you, and be ready to share it with others in exchange for samples of their limited/seasonal/out-of-market beer. For example: Good ideas: Heady Topper, Dark Lord, Side Project anything, Lost Abbey Isabelle Proximus (Izzy). Bad idea: That beer you bought off our shelves 5 minutes before the event started. Even worse idea: That beer you bought off the shelves at that big box liquor store a couple weeks ago (at least buy it local, jeez).

Some other logistic notes: 1. Bottle shares will be held on the last Wednesday of the month (exceptions to be made for holidays etc), and will have a limit of 15 attendees at each event. 2In the interest of time, we will only enter 1-2 beers per person in the official share. Folks are welcome to bring more but excess beers will only be opened after the formal part of the share is complete. 3Attendees must have a ticket to attend. Tickets can be purchased here, on this event page. 4In the interest of organization and alcoholic liability, BotW staff will collect bottles at the start of the event and open/pour bottles in an orderly fashion. If you are overserved, BotW staff reserves the right to cut you off at any time--NO EXCEPTIONS. 5When at all possible, please bring two beers of smaller format bottles so folks aren't getting 0.65 oz of beer.
6No scoffing or disrespect to other beer drinkers. Scoffers will be sent home with a 6pk of expired Hamms..

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