✵ Be One with the Cosmic Pulse ✵

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✵ Be One with the Cosmic Pulse ✵

☾☾☾☾☾ Be One with the Cosmic Pulse ☽☽☽☽☽ | Esoteric Yoga and Deep Meditation Retreat for the New Year | with YOGI AMANDEEP // yogi + healer + mystic + scholar ▶ December 30th – January 1st, 2018 ◀ @ 1440 MULTIVERSITY: the nation's newest destination for immersive learning and awakening located in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains in California -- Surrender everything and receive the wisdom of ecstasy in the here and now. The Cosmic Pulse is an ancient yogic teaching that longs to be shared with all those who are longing to enter the Garden of Love... ✶ Synchronize your heart with the beat of the universe ✶ Remove blocks and clear the way using kriyas transmitted in present time ✶ Meditate in community under the embrace of the Redwoods at 1440 Multiversity ✶ Burn karma through the sacred ritual of fire Puja ✶ Dissolve into the Naad (sound current) with live sacred chanting ✶ Experience the infinite within you Empower your intentions for 2018 in the clarity of your intuition and ring in the New Year with your biggest love: your soul.

TUITION: $225 + accommodations (see below) Visit https://tickets.brightstarevents.com/event/cosmic-pulse for registration and a link to 1440.org to choose the room plan right for you. Accommodations include meals and bite-size well-being practices. Spa treatments and café meals not included. For students not requiring on-campus accommodations, a fee of $110 includes meals, classes and parking. ✦ Yogi Amandeep is a world-renowned master teacher who guides spiritual seekers into mystical realms and onto roads less travelled. To experience his touch is to go beyond comfort zones into ecstatic free falls. “When you enter the Garden of Love, be sure you have a guide.” Yogi Amandeep is such a guide: He will invite you to enter the Garden of Love and embolden you to bloom into oneness consciousness, sincerity, and awe.

☎ contact: yogiamandeep1440org@gmail.com

Day 9: Before we sit with these teachings, we always tune in with a mantra: Ong Namo Gurdev Namo. ▽ Ong is the universal consciousness—the heartbeat. Namo the realization that I am not—this is the silence between the heartbeat. ▽ Gurudev is the wisdom of light and dark—the heartbeat. Namo is the realization that I am not—this is the silence between the heartbeat. ▽ Dwell in the awareness that universal consciousness and the wisdom of light and dark are all that truly exists. The superficial “I” does not exist. ▽ Every moment we are tuning in to the divine. The whole universe is the teacher’s bench, and every moment the yogi’s heart is tuning in to the lessons of life.

▽ When we are in the head, we don’t tune into the universal class. When we come into the heart, we tune into the universal class. When we are in the head, light and dark are opposing forces that fill us with the tensions that push and pull. When we come into the heart, light and dark collaborate.
Day 8: Yogi Bhajan said, “We live by the beat of the heart, not by the thoughts in the head.” ▽ The heart is not just a physiological function; there are many layers to this pulse. However, the superficial “I,” the socially-conditioned, outward identity that has been given to us from outside of ourselves clings to thought processes. It is the chattering mind that prevents us from hearing the resonance of our unity. ▽ Mostly we focus on thoughts to move us...


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