BDFL Fall CONSIGNOR Snack Presale Entry Upgrade

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BDFL Fall CONSIGNOR Snack Presale Entry Upgrade

PLEASE NOTE: THIS CONSIGNOR PASS UPGRADE IS FOR REGISTERED BDFL CONSIGNORS ONLY. Non-Consignors who wish to purchase a snack pass must go back to our website and select The "NON-CONSIGNOR SNACK PASS" button.   CONSIGNOR SNACK PASS ENTRY TIME UPGRADES: Wednesday, Aug 14th 2019                                                                  Original Presale                   Upgraded Snack Presale                                                                    Entry Time                           Entry Time Consignors (Not Volunteering)                             4pm                                 1:30pm  1 shift consignor volunteer                                  1:30                                  1:00 2 shift consignor volunteer                                  1:00                                 12:30 3 shift consignor volunteer                                 12:30                               12 noon    4 shift consignor volunteer                                12 noon                             11:30 am   WHO: REGISTERED BDFL CONSIGNORS who contribute $18 to Help Provide Snacks / Drinks for BDFL Volunteers & Receive ONE entry time upgrade to their consignor pass.

WHAT: Consignors: Your entry time upgrade will be applied to the pass you receive at drop off. Please discard the paper ticket you receive via Eventbrite e-mail (it will NOT be activated and CAN NOT be used to enter the presale). CONSIGNOR SNACK PASS ENTRY TIME UPGRADES: Wednesday, August 14th 2019 WHERE: Best Dressed for Less (South Jersey's Largest and Top Rated Seasonal Kids Consignment Event), The Life Center at Fountain of Life Church, 2035 Columbus Road, Burlington Township, NJ. WHEN: This Private CONSIGNOR Presale will take place Wednesday, August 14th 2019 from 11:30-9pm. You want to shop as early as possible for the smallest crowd and best selection. Your entry time will depend on your level of participation.  See chart above for UPGRADED entry times.
WHY: Your generous $18 contribution will enable us to provide snacks & drinks for hundreds of Best Dressed for Less (BDFL) volunteers during the upcoming sale. Our hard working volunteers get hungry and thirsty and you are helping us to provide them with drinks and snacks during their shifts. HOW: Simply click the link below to make a one time $18 contribution to the Best Dressed for Less volunteer worker snack / drink fund and receive your CONSIGNOR SNACK PASS ENTRY UPGRADE to your consignor presale shopping pass for presale day. FAQs: Only ONE person may attend on each presale pass (no "helpers", mothers, sisters or friends). We have a huge staff of volunteers to help so you will be fine shopping solo - we promise. Children may attend on your pass but we HIGHLY recommend leaving them at home with a trusted caregiver.
We know from experience that both you and your kids will be happier if they stay at home and you are able to focus on shopping our amazing bargains. This contribution is non-refundable. If you are registered to consign you may transfer your pass to a friend BUT they MUST have the paper pass you receive at drop off. This SNACK PASS is an upgrade to your ONE consignor presale pass NOT an additional pass..

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