Basic SWAT (Also POST Approved for GA)

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Basic SWAT (Also POST Approved for GA)

Please read entire section: This 72 Hour Basic SWAT Course which will certify each student. The program begins at 8:00 a.m. on day one and will consist of five days of training. The days are long, extending 14+ hours each day. This program is designed to address and reinforce basic tactical concepts, movement, entry and clearing using repetitive scenario based force on force scenarios. Training includes use force case law, medical training, rapid decision making and many other concepts. Course costs includes a Tac Med Solutions Operator IFAK valued at more than $80.00 each - for every student (coyote tan). We do not haze students. All students are treated as professionals. Note to Agencies: Attending students may not miss ANY of the program. There will be no exceptions.

Late arriving students will be turned away as well. Cost: $385.00 ----- CEU's: 72 ----- Time: 0745 Meeting time Meeting Location: Northeast Alabama Police Academy: at 100 Gamecock Drive, Anniston, AL 36205 Exact Classroom: to be determined by the Academy NFDD Certification - for those that provide one NFDD. Each student needs to bring: Wrap around eye protection/ear protection (bring lots of foam hearing protection) Body armor/tactical vest Flashlight (weapon mounted and/or handheld) Spare batteries Serviceable duty pistol with three magazines and holster Ammunition for duty pistol: 300 Rounds Serviceable duty rifle or submachine gun with three magazines Ammunition for duty rifle: 300 Rounds Lots of water: be prepared to hydrate Pen, pad and pencil Groin protection (Small towel or athletic cup) to protect your groin Long sleeve T-shirts or light weight jackets No red clothing – Instructors wear red Appropriate uniform & other tactical gear as appropriate Ballistic helmet (if issued) Gas masks We provide all NLTA weapons, ammunition and safety helmet HOWEVER - If you have Simunition® FX helmets and training gear please bring it One Noise Flash Diversion Device (NFDD) if available – which means if you can bring it please bring one Coolers with food, ice and drinks (we allow these items in the training area) No weapons or ammunition are to be brought into the classroom Payment: We accept cash, checks/Money Orders and agency Purchase Orders (PO's).

Make payments out to ARM Group LLC. Payment is REQUIRED PRIOR to the first day of class. Approved and signed agency purchase orders should be saved as a PDF and emailed to Credit cards: accepted over the phone - contact 256-525-9808 and advise which course you are attending and the amount to be charged. There is a 2.5 percent fee added to all credit card registrations. We can also process payment on the first day of class via card reader for those who wish to pay by card on the first day of class. Firearms: The student will learn the weapon safety rules and abide by the rules at all times. We cannot afford an unsafe student in any class. Safety violations are dealt with swiftly. The student should be able to load, unload, and reload their firearm in a SAFE and CONTROLLED manner.

Unless attending a basic weapon program, the student should be familiar with their weapon systems and equipment and possess the basic knowledge to be able to disassemble their firearm for cleaning, maintenance, and problem solving. Physical Attributes: The student must possess the physical strength and stamina to repetitively manipulate and fire their weapon during prolonged drilling, in all weather conditions. The student must be able to get up and down from a standing, kneeling, and prone position, as well as move forward, backward, and laterally. We do not conduct physical fitness during training programs. That is not our job - that is your job to be fit. Gear: The student, regardless of duty position, needs to arrive with the proper gear and equipment in relation to the weapon systems that will be taught and used.

For example, if a road officer arrives for tactical training without any type of tac vest or equipment is unacceptable and undermines the training being conducted – it delineates the training value. This also includes gear for inclement weather, a method of hydration, etc…, Training: The instructors take the time to guide, mentor and explain the material effectively. They also take the time to analyze and inform the shortcomings of students then make corrections to improve the overall performance of the student. Each student is evaluated and performance increased. The instructors currently serve their agencies; therefore, we continuously update and improve the programs based on their personal experiences. We strive to improve the curriculum continuously based on these experiences.

We reserve the right to train and reserve the right to remove unsafe students.

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