Bash for Beginners 20190329

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Bash for Beginners 20190329

The Unix shell (or command shell, or terminal) is a powerful computing tool allowing users to combine existing programs and automate repetitive tasks. It is also key to accessing other computing resources such as supercomputers and remote resources. After this workshop, you should be able to: Understand why the command shell is important How to navigate on your computer using the shell How to view files and directories How to create, copy, edit, and delete files and directories How to combine existing commands to do new actions How to save and re-use commands in shell scripts This workshop is adapted from the Software Carpentries' Unix Shell lesson. This is a beginner-level workshop for researchers presented by DAVIS @ OU Libraries, in coordination with the OU Digital Skills Hub.

Our workshops cover better practices for research, data, coding, and communication. No prior experience is needed (i.e. no prerequisites). Please bring a computer with a shell or terminal installed. Linux and Mac usually have this by default, and Windows users will need to follow the instructions here or here.

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