Autistry Studios Fundraiser for Busy People: A Non-Event Event

Addresse448 Du Bois St
CitySan Rafael
AtAutistry Studios
CountyCibola (NM2904)
448 Du Bois St
San Rafael
Autistry Studios
Cibola (NM2904)
Tel 2017-12-02
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Autistry Studios Fundraiser for Busy People: A Non-Event Event

How to contribute to the Autistry NonEvent Event: Step 1: Look at your wardrobe for appropriately formal yet professional Gala wear Step 2: Franticly search for someone to watch your kids/cats/parents Step 3: Relax. Forget about the first 2 steps, you don’t actually need to go anywhere. Step 4: Make a donation online or by mail in any amount. Step 5: Accept our thanks. Gifts of $100+ acknowledged on our unique donor wall. Step 6: Encourage others to join in. • Forward this invitation to friends and family • Join and invite others to our Facebook event page at • Post images in our online albums. Step 7: Join us at our end-of-year open house to see the studio and celebrate. Saturday December 2, from 4-6pm (But only if you feel like it.


Allie shows us how to prepare for the Autistry Studios Fundraiser for Busy People - a NonEvent Event. How will you spend your NonEvent time? Send in a selfie or video to post in the Who's Who of Not There page.
How are you spending your Autistry NonEvent Event Time? Karyn and Stacy sent a generous donation and are celebrating by curling up with their puppies. For more details see:
LynnEl sent in a donation, then curled up on the couch to read a book with her kitty.

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