Authentic Movement group on Saturdays in San Rafael

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MoveMe Studio
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Authentic Movement group on Saturdays in San Rafael

Connect with your body, discover your unique creative expression and gain self-love through self-validation and acceptance by joining an Authentic Movement group. Group is limited to 8 movers and there are few spaces left. We start on Saturday 10/21 and you are welcome to try one encounter first and see how you like it before committing to all encounters. Cost is $44 per encounter and you can have an 11% discount when you commit all encounters. Dates are: 10/21, 10/28, 11/11, 11/18, 12/02, 12/09 If you would like to join us please register asap at or 415-425-7428. Upon registration, we can coordinate a brief phone call to clarify expectations and questions you may have. More info: Authentic Movement is an inner self-directed somatic practice.

It is done with eyes closed, in silence and in the presence of at least one compassionate witness. It is simple in form, purely spontaneous, and is a practice of mind-bodyful listening that can guide your soul to create, to heal and find peace while reawakening essential, inner and collective, mind-body-spirit wisdom. WHAT MOVERS SAY: Taking a class with Maria in Authentic Movement is like finding a long lost guide who helps you journey into your own soul… — Lindsey, Performance Artist Maria’s presence is warm and welcoming. It allows me to be able to move my body even if it makes no sense or how awkward it would be… - Pui, MA East-West Psychology The Authentic Movement group is a space I can come to for spiritual growth […] It is a practice that relieves stress, creates a sense of space, safety, and joy; helps deepen personal growth work and fosters a greater sense of connection.
— Lauren, Psychotherapist Maria’s presence as a facilitator is calming and empowering. Coming into the group[…] I realized my body has a whole world of information that I rarely listen to. Afterward, I felt relaxed, at peace, in tune, and proud that I have so much creativity inside of me." — Ainsley, Designer & Musician Maria Lentzou is a licensed psychologist from Greece (2004), and an interdisciplinary performing artist. She holds an MA in Expressive Arts Therapy from CIIS (2017) and she was specialized in Authentic Movement with Karin Fleischer in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2008-2014). After struggling with bulimia, depression, insecurities and low self-esteem, finally in her own practice of Authentic Movement, she discovered the beauty of depth that exists in the action of being fully present and the inner-body wisdom that we all have to create, to heal, and to evolve.


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