Ashlie and Josh are getting married!

AtBriggs, TX, United States
CountyBurnet (TX3597)
Briggs, TX, United States
Burnet (TX3597)
Tel 2019-05-11
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Ashlie and Josh are getting married!
Josh and I will be getting married in May 2019

Alrighty, so after thinking everything over and trying to come up with solutions to recent happenings in our lives, Josh and I are going to postpone the wedding until May 2019, so we can save up and hopefully buy a home by then. Gives everyone more time to prepare for attending the wedding and gives us time to get some other things taken care of
Ashlie and Josh are getting married! Briggs Burnet Briggs, TX, United States saturday, may 11, 2019 - Events Briggs 2019

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