Ascension Series Energetic Boundaries

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Ascension Series Energetic Boundaries

Do you take on other people's energy? Do you consider yourself an empath? In today's day and age, we are taught to be people pleasers, to always say yes and never say no, thus sacrificing the self. Without Energetic Boundaries, we don't know where we end and where the rest of the world begins. We unconsciously take on other people's pains, worries, and fears. In fact, we believe that they are ours. Our inability to say no stems from a lack of Boundaries; therefore, understanding and implementing energetic and physical Boundaries facilitates our navigation through life, without taking on what is not ours. This class is focused on helping people learn what Boundaries are, why Boundaries are necessary, and how to apply them in our daily lives.  Note: Space is limited.

Please RSVP if you plan on attending. Feel free to bring pen and paper for note taking. Thank you. .

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