Arigato Zen Meditation and Sound Bath ありがとう禅と音浴

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254 Victoria St
Costa Mesa
Newport Beach Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple
Orange (CA1186)
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Arigato Zen Meditation and Sound Bath ありがとう禅と音浴

*Reservation is required at メールにて予約制です。日本語は下です。 We will practice Dr. Soho Machida's Arigato Zen Meditation. Arigato Zen is a vocal chanting meditation (or 'Voice Yoga). It is different from the regular meditation. First-timers are welcomed. Feel free to bring your friends. $10 donations is suggested. (cash only at the event) Please prepare to sit or lie down for a long time. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a yoga mat, a blanket, and/or a pillow. Chairs are available as well. Official Site: The meditation consists of four pillars: 1."Arigato Walking/Movement" 2."Arigato Breathing" 3."Kansha (gratitude) Zen" 4."Kangi (joy) Zen" 5."Nehan (nirvana) Zen"" Followed by a Sound Bath session.

Description: "Arigato Zen" (arigato: thank you in Japanese) is an easy & simple voice-meditation which Dr. Soho developed based on his 20-yrs. Zen training and scholarship as a specialist of comparative religion. When a group of people chant “arigato” together, inaudible super-sonic sounds are produced. These sounds and their delicate vibrations stimulate the pineal gland of the brain to change brain waves from beta to alpha waves. We emit alpha waves in pleasant situations such as when we listen to good music, or enjoy a glass of fine wine. That is why the participants become quite cheerful after the meditation. By performing the "Arigato Zen", one is able to remove themselves of negative memories within one’s own sub-consciousness, which lie at the root of all problematic phenomena.

By achieving clarity of the sub-consciousness, one is able to live with a sense of vast fulfillment and joyfulness. With his motto, "through physical practices, you can experience real mental change", Dr. Soho invented this revolutionary method of meditation that transcends religion and ethnicity. ありがとう禅とは; 町田宗鳳先生のありがとう禅は、お腹の底から声を出す、と言うだけでも健康に良いのですが、参加者の声の共鳴によってできる倍音が脳を刺激し、とてもリラックスしたり、深い瞑想状態に入ることができます。また、感謝する対象を、具体的にイメージすることによって、自分の意識や潜在意識をクリーニングし、無意識の中の本当の自分と出会うことができます。愛のホルモン、オキシトシンが分泌され、終わったらいつも、皆、ストレスフリーの笑顔に変わります。 *ヨガマット、ブランケット、クッションなど、床に座ったり寝転がったりできるようご用意ください。膝が悪い方は、椅子をご用意致します。 .

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