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Almapura - Honor Self with Nikki

Workshop 2: Honor SelfHonor Self means – to esteem or show respect for one’s person. It plays a major role in the spiritual and emotional healing of ourselves and others. Life is full of choices, simple ones, complicated ones, and even very emotional ones. The difficult part comes when these choices cause you to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. Sometimes the hardest and most challenging part of life is picking yourself and understanding when you should. In this phase of Almapura you will learn how to Honor Self from both human and spiritual perspectives. You will learn how to choose yourself and to consistently keep your best interests at heart in every situation and you will explore different insights to learn how to enhance unconditional love in your life.

Mastering this concept will provide a means to enhance your daily and life-long experiences. Every person has a human consciousness, aware of the world around them and the experiences in which they participate (Nurture). Likewise, every person also has a unique spiritual consciousness, aware of the world around them and the experiences in which they participate (Nature). Almapura ~ The Beginning is where these two halves intersect to create a WHOLE, a full-spectrum understanding of life and the question “Why?” Almapura provides the knowledge that we are human and spirit and that we are all connected in ways that are not defined solely through human logic.Almapura comes from the Spanish/Latin words Alma and Pura which mean Pure Soul. Pure Soul refers to the feeling realized as you embrace a friendship with your soul during life’s Almapura journey. Almapura ~ The Beginning is a five-week workshop series introducing participants to the distinction between the human and spiritual selves, and how the two halves complement each other to create a whole.
This in-depth process takes you on a journey that will illuminate inner self-truths to the conscious mind. Come join Nikki for Almapura~The Beginning and discover what created your life perception, how it influences your decisions, and how those decisions sculpt each and every circumstance in your life. This layered understanding of the deeply-rooted connection between humanity and spirituality brings a sense of unequivocal peace.  Cost: $50 .

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