All New Breakthrough to Success Seminar with Chris Howard!

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180 N Fair Oaks Ave
Courtyard By Marriott Old Pasadena
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All New Breakthrough to Success Seminar with Chris Howard!

For the first 100 responders: My GIFT to YOU Breakthrough to Success with Chris Howard. March 23-25 at The Pasadena Courtyard Marriott 180 N. Fair Oaks Ave. Hello. Chris Howard here and I want to welcome you to join me for The Breakthrough to Success seminar which has made a powerful impact in the lives of thousands of people all over the world for over two decades. Break Through Your Barriers to Success, both Consciously as Well as Unconsciously, and Gain MASSIVE PROPULSION Forward. Experience Some of the Most Cutting-Edge Tools for Transformation in Existence. Become a Performance Coach / Or Catapult Your skills and Career. This is a brand new, as well as the first time it will be held in its new 2 1/2 day format where you walk out with serious transformation AND hypnotic coaching skills to bring out the best in yourself and others.

“Are you ready to commit to deepening your understanding and application of the metaphysical laws that govern the universe in the area of limitless abundance? The results you will receive from Chris Howard’s seminars are priceless. Chris Howard has the heart of greatness. His seminars resonate with people at a very deep level and manifest abundance.” MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH Founder and Spiritual Director | Agape International Spiritual Center Featured in The Secret My four day trainings have typically sold for between $2,500 - $6,000 but.... As a cherished member of my community I am GIFTING a ticket for YOU and one friend. But these will go FAST. SO.... if your friend whose ticket was gifted to you as part of your own enrollment has not yet confirmed, make sure they do it right away now in order to avoid disappointment.

There is EXTREMELY LIMITED SPACE So THIS IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVED and you have to move FAST. To Confirm Your Seats Go To: You Will: - Be taken on a roller coaster ride of imagination and consciousness. - Experience or participate in hypnotic stage show to gain the deepest understanding of transformation and unleashing the full potential of both yourself and others. - Learn the secret of having the ultimate ability to shape your life and the your choose it to be. - Witness or participate in demonstrations for smoking cessation, weight-loss, pain control and more. - Learn techniques for consciously shaping the future in the likeness of your dreams. - Discover the power to help others to create any result. - Learn how to apply all of the tools that you've learned in your own life to program your unconsciousness mind for any result.

- Walk out with an incredible 8 step model for Neuro Hypnotic Conditioning and coaching. - Upon successful completion of the course receive your certification at the associate level of Neuro Design Engineering and Neuro Hypnotic Conditioning. Are you ready to finally breakthrough every barrier that's prevented you from being able to create YOUR life in the likeness of your greatest dreams? Are you ready to learn the serious cutting-edge neuro science technologies that can help you gain leverage by coaching others to EXTRAORDINARY LEVELS of SUCCESS? We are so excited to have you join us for our Breakthrough to Success Weekend. Make sure to block out the dates of March 23-25 in your Calendar and print this letter out for your information leading up to the program.

The Breakthrough to Success program is designed to help you break through whatever barriers to success you have both consciously as well as unconsciously and to allow you to gain massive propulsion forward. And now in this brand-new version of the program, you will ALSO be learning to multiply your effectiveness and multiply your results of thousand-fold through the power of transformational leadership. You’ll learn to gain leverage with the ability to inspire hundreds or even thousands to assist you in the accomplishment of your objectives and the achievement of your goals. I am beyond thrilled to transfer this knowledge, these skills and these mindsets to YOU; which have made such a powerful impact in my life and the lives of thousands of others worldwide.

"As a direct result of Chris’s unique approach, I have restructured my entire business and lifestyle.I now no longer feel overwhelmed. Every skill learned and applied compounds the results I see. I have profited as much as $600,000 in a single day and have seen a net result of more than $2 million." PHIL ANDERSON Former Mr. Australia | Owner of Five Star Fitness Centres To Confirm Your Seats Go To: When you walk out, upon successful completion of this course, you will be certified at the associate level of Neuro Design Engineering (NDEc) and Neuro Hypnotic Conditioning (NHC), which will give you the ability to transform other people’s lives powerful ways - and perhaps even create an alternative stream of income, grow your current aspirations to the max, or even launch on an entirely new career path. The technologies you’ll be experiencing are what transformed my life and helped me to go from being $70,000 in debt to doing over $100 million in sales within a very short period of time while doing what I love more than anything else, which is transforming other people’s lives. "Chris Howard is an extraordinary man. I am privileged to work closely with Chris on a number of spectacular projects. Chris Howard’s seminars will accelerate your ability to master the illusive 95% of your mind that is not only unconscious… it is most often not in alignment with what you say you really want. Remember: “Life is a gift… everything else is a decision.” Catapult yourself into the future of your dreams and attend Chris’ seminars. The life of your dreams is at stake. ” MARK VICTOR HANSEN Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series I’ve been blessed to be able to contribute to the development of many multimillion dollar speakers, trainers, authors and coaches over the years and now I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to help you to turn your visions and intentions into realities and results. Make sure to block out the entire 2 1/2 days in your calendar as every piece of this program is a building block that builds upon the next and then the next, so that by the time you walk out at 6pm on the end of day four you have rocked your world from a transformational perspective and you have an incredible set of skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Name of Program: Breakthrough to Success Date: March 23-25 Times: 5pm registration 6pm start on Friday the 23 then 9am-6pm each day Saturday and Sunday Location: The Courtyard Marriott Pasadena 180 N. Fair Oaks Ave. Dress: Casual To Bring: Writing pad and a Pen - all notes must be taken by hand there are to be no electronic devices during the program I’m very excited about the opportunity to help you to catapult yourself to the next level of achievement and to the greatest depths of fulfillment. To Your Success, Chris Howard Legendary Living May This Be The PLOT TWIST YOU'VE Been Waiting For.

I hav always wanted to hear Chris talk. Unfortunately, I am in Mexico and won't be in town.

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