Algebra Problem Strings for Middle and High School Students

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Algebra Problem Strings for Middle and High School Students

As secondary math teachers, our job is not to distribute to students a set of prescribed rules and facts, but to help them structure and schematize, thus creating mathematical relationships in their minds. Pairing inquiry-based investigations with the thoughtful practice routine of “Algebra Problem Strings”, while using decades of research on effective mathematics teaching practices, we can support students in developing a deep understanding of middle and high school mathematics and the procedural fluency needed to work with increasingly sophisticated topics. In this 2-day workshop, teachers will experience the following: Engagement in rich inquiry-based investigations that will support students in generating new mathematical concepts. Experience problem strings as a way to blend thoughtful practice with reasoning and problem-solving.

Explore various problem strings as an opportunity to review previously taught ideas and procedures. Experience and examine NCTM’s 8 Mathematics Teaching Practices based on decades of research as further support in implementing these tasks that promote reasoning and problem-solving. All participants will be given a copy of “Algebra Problem Strings” that includes more than 60 strings that teachers can do to help carry the work from the workshop into their classrooms. One credit will be available for $50..

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