Alchemical Healing through the Elements

CityWest Memphis
CountyCrittenden (AR1084)
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West Memphis
Crittenden (AR1084)
Tel 2019-08-17
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Alchemical Healing through the Elements

Alchemy is the magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. Ancient Alchemists were the forerunners to chemists and thought they could create miraculous things by combining certain elements or materials. Modern day alchemy has more to do with our personal transformation that figuring out how to turn lead into gold. Alchemical Healing through the Elements is a workshop designed to teach participants about the four basic elements in their life (earth, fire, water, and air) and help them find ways to balance these areas of their life to gain healing and transformation. Rev. Omma will be leading us through this process of healing and transformation. There is a $15 energy exchange for this workshop. This event takes place in the downstairs event space at The Broom Closet..

Alchemical Healing through the Elements West Memphis Crittenden saturday, august 17, 2019 - Events West Memphis 2019

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