Aeroseal 1-Day Sales Training - Detroit April 24

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Aeroseal 1-Day Sales Training - Detroit April 24

Attend this intensive one-day class to learn the most effective ways to sell Aeroseal & Duct Renovations.    You will learn how to sell Aeroseal on its own; and how to add it when quoting new equipment, duct cleaning or other core product. Who Should Attend:Salespeople/Comfort Advisors, Service Technicians, Lead Duct Cleaners and Owners/Managers. Class Investment: $187 per person early registration by the end of the week before the class  ($237 last-minute) 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (see below) 25% discount of four or more from company (see below) What Other Dealers Say: “We had a technician named Takar who went on a seven system tune-up after the class and ended up selling a seven system duct cleaning and Aeroseal for $20,800. He said he felt a lot more comfortable talking about Aeroseal, duct leakage and the clean & seal combo after the training than before the training.

I almost saw none of the technicians on their phone throughout the entire day. They were all interacting and paying attention to what was going on. So, great results. ” Ben Alexander, IAQ Manager Milestone Services - Dallas TX President’s Club Dealer "The training helped me so much that the next day I was three for three.  Sold three jobs right in a row thanks to Brendan's help." Steve Sprague, Aeroseal Salesperson Amistee Duct Cleaning, Novi MI President's Club Dealer “If you utilize the Aeroseal sales training you’ll flourish.  Brendan will help your guys interview the customer better, talk more eloquently, observe better and get more seals sold.  Earlier today we did a remote Aeroseal training with him, and in the last six hours 4 different Aeroseal jobs were sold today by the technicians.  44% of our replacement equipment jobs now include Aeroseal.  In our first full year we did 138 completed seals with an average ticket of $2327.” Ben Kratz, Operations ManagerMcCarthy One Hour, Omaha NEPresident's Club Dealer “Training greatly exceeded expectations.
Learned a lot.  The training was great, it’s a must. ” Joby Teel, General ManagerAC Warehouse, Bradenton FLPresidents Club Dealer Dealer Interview Videos: To view short interview clips with other dealers who have experienced Brendan's sales training, check out: Instructor: Brendan Reid Brendan is a master of the art of blending Home & Duct Performance with HVAC, Efficiency & IAQ sales.   One of the earliest Home Performance contractors in North America, he sold his first duct sealing and furnace replacement at the age of twenty - 37 years ago. Brendan’s style is “non-selling sales”. How to keep it simple, find the pain, and smoothly gain micro-permissions to expand the opportunity - so the client feels comfortable buying more than they initially expected to.
Brendan is a recognized “word-smith”; a creator of engaging ways to advance the sale and create curiosity on the part of the homeowner. His training is packed full of real-world meat that works, not theoretical fluff. As the founder of Comfort Institute & Retrotec, and now for the last four years working closely coaching Aeroseal dealers, he has accumulated a treasure trove of the best proven tactics to communicate the value of Aeroseal to the consumer.   You are guaranteed to take home many "golden nuggets" you will use on your next call. The Challenge: While Aeroseal is usually the most effective solution to discomfort, unhealthy air, and high utility bills, it rarely sells itself. Few homeowners ask for it, and almost no-one has ever heard about it before.
Aeroseal is an invisible solution, to an invisible problem. Have you thought to yourself: “If I talk about Aeroseal, I might lose the main sale. ” “How can my techs even open the conversation?” Do you know how to handle these common Aeroseal objections? “No-one else said I needed to do anything about my ducts.” “That’s just way too much money, we can’t afford that.” “We’ve never heard of Aeroseal before.” “You’re just trying to load up my proposal, just give me a price on the equipment.” “How do I know my ducts leak enough to make Aeroseal worthwhile?” If you follow Brendan’s system and “magic words”, you will either keep these from coming up at all, or know how to handle them if they do. Not Just About Selling Aeroseal:Although the focus is to increase duct sealing jobs using Aeroseal, the soft-sell customer engagement methods and procedures covered will help your company’s sales in general.
You will sell more return air enlargements, better filters and total duct replacements (with or without Aeroseal). You will also learn how to use duct renovation to differentiate and increase closing ratio on competitive equipment, IAQ, insulation or other jobs. Detailed Class Content: Sales Team Overview of Aeroseal: Six Ways It Benefits Homeowners How To Explain The Process In Simple Terms The Best Analogies: The Leaky Bucket, House is Like Your Body, and Toyota Prius 10 More Easy-To-Understand Analogies (keep their eyes from glazing over. ) The 10 Gallons of Water a Day Summer Humidity Impact of Leakage How to Create The Amazing “ICK. ” Factor Simple Testing for Solutions (smoke, IR, airflow measurement) How Your CSR/Non-Selling Techs Can Help You with Pre-Appointment Education Six Ways For Techs To Open The Aeroseal Conversation On A Tune Up, Service Call or Duct Cleaning 10 Steps To a Perfect Tune-Up To Generate a Lead Or Permission To Sell Aeroseal The True Buying Motives of Aeroseal Buyers (rarely energy saving) How To Find Their Most Important Comfort, Dust or Utility Bill Pain Stop Asking If They Have Any Hot or Cold Spots. “Permission Steps” That Keep Defensiveness Down and Expand The Opportunity The Tip of The Iceberg Story The Three Most Powerful Words In Sales How To Prove Their 16 SEER Will Only be a 12 Due To Leaky Ducts How To Estimate Believable Energy & Utility Bill Savings How to Tie Savings & Financing Together To Make Aeroseal FREE Using Best-Better-Good Packaging To Increase Average Seal Ticket How To Bundle It In & Then Take Out If No-Go How To Overcome Most Objections – Or Keep Them From Coming Up The Best In-Home Sales Collateral To Use: Tools, Paper, Props and Videos Guarantees To Back Up Your Sale When To Offer A Duct Leakage Test as “Plan C” The Secret To Asking For Referrals Scripting & Role Play Throughout Opportunity For Questions and Discussing Unique Challenges Post-Class Skype Remote Coaching IncludedYour company's registration includes a 30 minute post-class coaching session. 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee We guarantee you will learn more than enough powerful sales tips to make the time and money invested worthwhile. If you don’t feel it was, let us know within 48 hours what you think the class was worth. We will refund the difference, up to 100% of what you paid. Volume Discount25% off if registering four or more people for the same class. Enter Promocode 4ORMORE25 on checkout and your per person investment will be only $140 On-Site Training AvailableBrendan is available to come to your place of business and privately train just your team: sales, techs and CSRs. This also allows time for ride-alongs where the most impact happens. Contact Brendan for a quotation at 360-420-5049 or

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